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If you like Vince Vaughn, then you’re pumped that the guy is busier than ever; he’s in something like five films releasing over the next year or so, not including the just released The Internship. But that’s a film that doesn’t appear to be wowing anyone with its Google-isciousness. (And whoever really liked him in his last filmThe Watch will get pumped for just about anything.)

A definite eyebrow raiser is his next project, an adaptation of the crime thriller Term Life, an Image Comics graphic novel written by A.J. Lieberman, who also wrote Marc Forster’s possible Cowboy Ninja Viking project. Vaughn is reteaming with Couples Retreat director Peter Billingsley, who is another unique choice. Universal put it together, proving risks are of little concern.

Term-Life is a solid read, with a story that is complemented perfectly by the light noir art, where events take place during a blue night rather than a black one. TheWrap gives the background to the comic but not the main hook, which makes me wonder how they’ll play it. The story follows Nick Barrow, a thief involved with a heist gone wrong, and every kind of bad guy imaginable wants him dead, from dirty cops to mob bosses. Knowing this, he takes out an insurance policy on his life so that he can leave a chunk of money for his daughter. Only it takes 21 days for the policy to go into effect, so he’s forced to survive for three weeks with death breathing down his throat. Making things more interesting is the non-linear plot, which is another wild card when it comes to a film version.

The story doesn’t specify Vaughn’s role in the film, other than a starring and producing credit. The film is set to go into production in January, but that’s tentative. Vaughn’s next two biggest projects are probably Delivery Man and Anchorman: The Legend Continues, so hopefully he’ll be back on his game by the time he has to put on his serious face.


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