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As we patiently await the release of the official Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, we’ve been getting some great fan-made teasers predicting what to expect. And now, we’ve got an awesome peek at what the battle between the two caped superheroes could look like, in LEGO form. Take a look at the creative and epic monochrome trailer below.

Brought to us by YouTube user, BrickFlix the clip dives into the question, "Who will win in this epic battle to the death?" It begins with Bruce Wayne in his batcave, consulting the familiar-looking mess of TV screens as he ponders his plan. He adds, "I never wanted it to end this way," but puts on his batsuit, and goes forth in search of Superman. The scene adapts Batman and Superman’s epic battle from Frank Miller’s comic book miniseries, "The Dark Knight Returns".

In the comic books Superman tries to reason with Batman, before the two go at it. Similarly BrickFlix’s video begins the battle with Superman stating, "You don’t have to do this, Bruce" and Batman answering, "Of course we do".

Lego Batman v Superman

Obviously Superman has superhuman powers, much stronger than even Batman’s weapons can take on, but Bruce Wayne came prepared, and uses all he has to fight Kal-El. In this trailer, he even goes at him with the batmobile.

Lego Batmobile

In the comic books, Superman compromises Batman’s exoframe. And similarly in this clip, the fight comes towards a close with hand-to-hand combat, a flash, and Bruce Wayne bleeding on the ground (which in LEGO form is surprisingly gory).

Lego Batman blood

It seems as though the caped crusader has taken his last breath. But, in Frank Miller’s comic books, when Batman seems to have suddenly had a heart attack during the fight, really he had planned it, staging the death with chemicals that suspend his vital life signs. So, with a staged death in mind, BrickFlix spinned his own hilarious ending. Yes, there was a staged death, but instead of the Batman who just fought coming back to life, we get a glimpse at the REAL Batman and Alfred watching from afar, as Alfred states,
"It sure was a good idea to use Ben Affleck as a decoy, Master Wayne."

The two laugh, as we all join. Because while he may try, come on guys, Ben Affleck isn’t the REAL Batman. Just ask Michael Keaton, he knows exactly who holds true to the phrase, "I am Batman."

But alas, we are still excited to see Ben Affleck attempt to live up to the previous portrayals of Batman. We’ll see him hit the screens in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 25, 2016.