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We’ve seen the images of Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne rushing toward the chaos during the fall of Metropolis as part of the numerous trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But, we’re sure the one question that you’ve been asking yourself this whole time has been, "what car was Bruce Wayne driving that day?" Good news, we now have that answer as part of a new Jeep commercial. However, during the sales pitch, we do get some new shots of the movie as well. Check it out.

Our previous glimpses of Bruce Wayne in Metropolis have shown us the billionaire playboy on foot and in the heart of the city. If we can make the assumption that the shots where we can actually see Ben Affleck, or things blowing up, are actually from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, then this clip actually does give us some new information. It appears that Bruce Wayne is actually some distance from the heart of the destruction, possibly on the outskirts of town, when he sees the alien threat begin to bear down on Metropolis. Nobody will be able to question the man’s bravery as he hopes into his car, which, by the way, is a Jeep, and drives into the heart of the chaos before, we would guess, having to transition to moving on foot due to the roads becoming blocked. It’s a minor detail, to be sure, but it does give us a bit more information as far as what we’re in for in this sequence of the movie. Also, we’re pretty sure the bit in the alley is pure car commercial, although the license plates do match between shots, so we give them credit for continuity.

Product placement and sponsorships are nothing new in movies. They’ve been around since practically the beginning of Hollywood. We’ve already seen the partnership that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has made with Turkish Airlines, which have actually been some of the more creative advertisements for any movie that we’ve seen recently, while still doing a fine job selling their product as well. This Jeep spot isn’t nearly as inventive, and we're not sure how badly this will make anybody want to buy a new SUV, but they can’t all be winners.

As Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will likely be the biggest movie release until we hit the summer season, it’s no surprise that advertisers want a piece of it. Whether it’s using the movie to help them pitch their product outside the film, or getting their logo noticed during the film itself, it’s all important when it comes to getting people to recognize their brand.

Does this make you want to buy a Jeep, or just want to go see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sooner rather than later?