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While Star Wars isn't exactly the most complicated story, it does still have its fair share of details to remember, in the hopes of keeping the story straight. So when a fairly drunk girl tried to retell the story to her boyfriend, she got more than a couple details incorrect in her version of the story. Thanks to the internet, you can watch this hysterical moment below.

This video has been circulating through Facebook like wildfire, and it shows Mark Zabala's girlfriend's trying to tell the story of the original Star Wars. According to Maggie, Zabala's girlfriend, she's seen enough of the films, commercials, and merchandise to paint what she feels is an accurate picture of that galaxy far, far away. Apparently, that's none of them, as her boyfriend is quick to correct her assumption in the caption for the video, and it shows as she couldn't have possibly gotten the story of Star Wars any more wrong.

Maggie' version of Episodes IV through VI don't even include Han Solo, and focus on Princess Leia and her brother Lucas – a young man who's fighting his father, and looking for his princess. With his loyal Stormtroopers by his side, and with his pet Chihuahua at his side, Lucas ultimately teams up with his father, Darth Vader, to examine his psyche. A grossly political story, Maggie's Star Wars also has the role of Lucas played by Richard Gere, and almost completely ignores Return Of The Jedi - ending the story with The Empire Strikes Back. We say almost, because the one segment of the third film that remains is Leia's time as a slave, costume and all.

While Maggie's version of Star Wars doesn't adhere to the films we all know and love, it does address some of the inconsistencies that George Lucas managed to overlook. The most important, and notable one, is the fact that "Lucas" and Leia are brother and sister, which precludes them from both being Darth Vader's children. Acknowledging the original version of events kind of paints a bit of an incestuous picture between the two, she consciously deletes that part of the story to avoid any uncomfortable confusion.

If this is how Maggie chooses to tell the original trilogy of the Star Wars saga after a couple glasses of wine, then we could only imagine how crazy the prequels or even Star Wars: The Force Awakens sounds. Hey Mark, if you're interested in a sequel, we're game! In the meantime, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is available in theaters, though it's the traditional sober version.