Watch The Full Partysaurus Rex Toy Story Short

It's about time Rex got his chance to shine! The Toy Story supporting character takes the lead in the latest Toy Story short Partysaurus Rex, which was released ahead of Finding Nemo 3D in theaters this year. For those who didn't get to see it, Disney has been generous enough to put the entire thing online for our viewing pleasure. See T-rex toy Rex have a little bath time fun in Partysaurus Rex.

Partysaurus Rex packs as much bath time fun as possible into its six minutes, as Rex (Wallace Shawn) is accused of being a party pooper, which leads him determined to demonstrate that he knows how to have a good time. He has the opportunity to do just that when he joins Bonnie for a bath.

"Whattup fishes?!"

Not only is Partysaurus Rex a great opportunity for us to check in with Andy's old toys to see how they're doing with Bonnie, but the bath time angle opens up a whole new world of great humor and new toy scenarios. Of course, Rex is the perfect candidate for bath fun, being plastic and all. And the fact that his arms give him an advantage - despite how scrawny they are - over the bath toys is another reason Rex is the perfect toy to play out a scenario like this. In Bonnie's room, he may be the party pooper, but in the bathroom, he's the Partysaurus Rex.

The rave-like setting with the glowing toys is fun, there's so much attention to detail, the foamy suds look great and the rubber ducky (credited as Chuck E. Rubber Duck), voiced by Tony Cox, is one more memorable toy to add to the bunch.

We spoke with director Mark Walsh and producer Kim Adams about the making of the short. You can read all about that here. And for those eager to know what's on the horizon for the Toy Story gang in the future, read about the Toy Story of Terror TV special that's due out next year, here.

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