Watch Jamie Dornan Awkwardly Eat The Abs Off Of A Life-Size Christian Grey Cake

Among all of the Fifty Shades Of Grey hoopla over the last few months, it's almost hard to believe we've found time to write about any other movies. The film has made dozens of headlines, mostly for its controversial content, but also for its potential of being a box office giant as well as a path for selling associated merchandise, which we can now officially say includes a very ridiculous life-size Christian Grey cake. Watch as Jamie Dornan does his best to not look awkward while eating his own abs.

"Oh my God!" That's the expression heard on the above clip (if you listen real closely) upon the first reveal of the ultra-creepy Christian Grey cake. It was also my own exact response. Really, what else can you say when you see something like that for the first time? Graham Norton does a fairly good job at keeping the tone in the right place, however, as he carves up the edible wax-like rendition of Grey, as does, Dornan, who is tasked with taste-testing himself. His response to how he tastes... "better than I imagined." Well played, sir. He genuinely looks a little weirded out by the whole thing, a sentiment reinforced by his one-word question to the cake's creator... "Why?" The whole promotional bit is a little weird but in the cheesy/corny spirit of the erotic drama, it strangely kind of works.

Knowing the comic leanings of the Irish television presenter, I have to say I was shocked to see him go directly for the abs. There was a pretty wide-open opportunity to go for an obvious region more directly connected to the content of the film, but nonetheless it's probably better for everyone that Norton chose not to go below the belt. Also, they didn't specify whether the cake was edible from the waste down so I'm going to go ahead and say the presenter made the right choice not attempting to find out otherwise, as things could have gotten really weird, really quick.

This is only the latest Fifty Shades Of Grey consumerism to come out over the last few months. Among the other film-related items for sale in support of the highly talked about film are makeup, nail polish, jewelry, boardgames, adult Christian Grey teddy bears, wine, handcuffs and rope. I guess now we'll have to add edible licorice whip BDSM props to that list.

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If watching Jamie Dornan eat his own abs doesn't inspire you to go check out Fifty Shades Of Grey then this just may not be the film for you. For those who are interested, the romance drama co-stars Dakota Johnson alongside Dornan and is in theaters now, reportedly already raking in tons of money as we speak.