Watch The LEGO Movie's Double Decker Couch Come To Life

Admit it: at some point since seeing The LEGO Movie, you've wondered just how feasible a double-decker couch would be in your own home. Well, while you're still fiddling with ideas, a professional team has actually constructed a real double-decker couch for a family of superfans, and you can watch the construction below:

In the latest episode of the series Super-Fan Builds - which you may remember from the Groot swing episode - a professional team of "master builders" has actually come together to construct what may be the most illogical piece of furniture of all time. Of course, it's not built out of LEGO, presumably for safety purposes, but it does still look pretty awesome and movie accurate:

double-decker couch

For comparison purposes, you can see the movie version in the still below:

double-decker couch

The design flaws in the double-decker couch are still pretty apparent, as the "watching TV through a pair of dangling legs" is certainly continues to be an issue, and there's the added fact that it had to be bolted to the wall because it's so tall... but that doesn't stop it from being pretty damn awesome. While it's actually made out of foam, steel, and wood, the team did a nice job trying to make it at least appear to be built out of LEGOs, and the inclusion of the in-seat compartments is pretty slick. The thing actually looks surprisingly comfortable, and I could definitely see what would be enjoyable about hanging out on the top bunk.

Unless you're a professional builder yourself, it's probably unwise to try to make one of these for yourself, but surely LEGO fans around the world can appreciate a build this impressive. As a bonus, head over to Page Two to watch the Jurassic Park LEGO movie referenced in the video - as it's actually pretty fun.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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