Watch The Lonely Island's Incredible Everything Is Awesome Performance At The Oscars

More often than not, the Academy Awards ceremony can be a real drag. However this year’s was giving an injection of awesomeness thanks to Tegan & Sara and The Lonely Island’s appearance and rendition of The Lego Movie’s "Everything Is Awesome," which benefited from having a number of rather sensational cameos. You can watch it in all of its glory below.

Superb. Simply superb. That song could brighten up even the darkest of Sundays. Fully equipped with a plethora of Oscar statuettes that were made from LEGO, the vast array of performers stooped into the star-studded crowd and handed them out to a number of individuals. Foxcather’s Steve Carell and Channing Tatum were each treated to one, while Oprah Winfrey somehow even managed to bag herself one too. How? Because she’s Oprah, that’s how. Whatever she wants, she gets.

After being introduced by Marion Cotillard (which was a delightfully random, but perfect choice), an animated segment started off the performance, and then, suddenly, the gathered choir cut straight to Tegan & Sara on stage belting out the track. The stage then turned around to reveal Akiva Schaeffer, Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone, otherwise known as The Lonely Island, and the effervescent trio immediately bounced into action and began effortlessly sprouting off the contagiously joyous lyrics to the LEGO Movie track. Plus they were wearing light blue suits that you would normally associate with a 1970s prom. And capes. Each of them wore a cape too. But they managed to pull off the attire with aplomb.

They didn’t arrive to the stage alone though. In fact they brought along someone inside a rat costume who danced next to them, break-dancing construction workers, and Will Arnett in a Batman suit, who did his best Christian Bale impression, rocked out on a fake guitar and mumbled his way through his section of the song. The Roots’ drummer, Questlove, also held up Will Arnett’s amp and then whacked away on a kit, while the sways of dancers seamlessly moved together and then the entire piece ended with an explosion of confetti. Because how else would you end it?

All in all, there probably wasn’t a better way that the Academy could have celebrated The LEGO Movie. Well, maybe they could have given the beloved movie a nomination in the Best Animated film category. This snub incensed so many moviegoers and critics last month that it managed to overshadow the other nomination announcements. Not that Disney’s Big Hero 6 didn’t deserve to be honored. It was a scintillating joy-ride of action, animation and comedy that was as heartfelt as it was enthralling. It’s just that The LEGO Movie was, simply put, absolutely awesome.

Gregory Wakeman