Watch Pink Recording Her Take On White Rabbit For Alice 2, Complete With New Footage

Disney's Alice In Wonderland took a classic story and put a more modern, trippy spin on it, turning into more of a product of our times. The same could be said for that film's companion soundtrack, and it looks like Alice Through The Looking Glass will be doing the same – starting with Pink's new rendition of the Jefferson Airplane classic "White Rabbit." We have a look at the recording of that song, as well as some new footage from the film, below.

This new look at Alice Through The Looking Glass was provided courtesy of Disney's own You Tube channel, and while a lot of the footage was shown in the first trailer, there was still some new surprises waiting in this look. Namely, we got to see Helena Bonham Carter's Red Queen make her infamous demand for Alice's head yet again; as well as a proper look at Sacha Baron Cohen's Time using his powers to de-age a rough guard dog into a young pup. All the while, Pink's new, more modern cover is played in the background, with a split screen look at the recording process.

Judging by Pink's officially announced involvement with Alice Through The Looking Glass, it sounds like James Bobin's sequel will be taking after Tim Burton's original in a very unique aspect. As we previously mentioned, Alice In Wonderland had a whole album of songs that served as a companion soundtrack to the 2010 film, entitled Almost Alice. With performances from artists like Metro Station, Avril Lavigne, and 3OH!3, the album was geared towards the younger audience that was experiencing Alice In Wonderland quite possibly for the first time on the silver screen. And included with that crop of songs, unsurprisingly, was "White Rabbit," though the Grace Potter and the Nocturnals version played more like a straightforward cover, rather than a re-imagining. You can listen to that version for comparison in the video below.

Seeing as the song was obviously inspired by Alice Through The Looking Glass's source material, it's not a surprise that "White Rabbit" has become somewhat of a good luck charm for the billion dollar franchise. They're definitely going to need it, as the film's May 27th release date puts it square up against the box office force of nature that is X-Men: Apocalypse, and that billion dollar status might not be so easy to maintain. Still, Alice and her pals have always relied on magic, and with Pink lending her vocals to two songs – one being written specifically for the film – they just might be able to weave a spell on audiences yet.

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