Watch Ryan Reynolds Swear At Comic-Con Attendees In New Deadpool Video

With only a couple short months until his debut in theaters, Deadpool is making sure that the world is ready for the ride of their lives. His next stop in his badwill tour is Comic Con Sao Paulo, and to make sure the attendees are getting their money's worth, he's practicing his Portuguese linguistic skills in the video below.

This December's Comic Con in Sao Paulo is naturally a good place for Deadpool to shoot his mouth off, whether or not he has a good grip on the local language. While the Comic exclusive video give the Portuguese audience subtitles to follow along with Wade Wilson's insults, us non-Portuguese speaking audience members have a little bit of difficulty with deciphering his comments. Depending on how you plug it in, he's either saying "then holy shit," or, "if you are not there, then so fucking hell."

No matter which translation wins out, it's only appropriate that the latest marketing measure for Deadpool's upcoming February release would be an exercise in foreign swearing. Though it has us wondering how much fun the regional translators with turning the upcoming Ryan Reynolds vehicle into the local languages of nations showing the film. The folks behind the Deadpool marketing machine should be applauded, as they're going the full mile to let audiences know that this isn't going to be some PG-13 kid's flick.

Though their work is far from over, especially with whispers of at least one more trailer that's due in theaters at some point before February. With Star Wars: The Force Awakens attracting two comic book trailers already, the possibility of a third attaching itself to to this winter's blockbuster bonanza wouldn't be out of the question. Though at the very least, you'd think that a special look would be dropping at Comic Con Sao Paolo, seeing as that's the usual venue for breaking news such as this.

What's really funny about Deadpool and its marketing strategy is that, much like its titular character, the folks advertising the movie are allowed to break the fourth wall and address the public front and center. Which means they don't even have to try that hard with fancy, special effects laden commercials that show droids of varying degrees of adorability. All they need is Ryan Reynolds in a skin tight costume that hides his face, with a liberal degree of profanity, and an attitude of not giving a fuck. If only more movies could get away with such a degree of marketing.

Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, and probably a fair amount of hearts in the process, on February 12, 2016. Though something tells us if you're already attending the festival, you'll want to be at Comic Con Sao Paolo's Fox Panel on December 4th.

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