Watch Sarah Michelle Gellar Rap As Cinderella In The Ultimate Disney Princess Battle

You probably know her best for her time as the titular character on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but now Sarah Michelle Geller has transformed herself into a completely different notable pop culture character - and for the most unexpected of reasons. Watch her turn into Cinderella to rap battle Whitney Avalon's Belle from Beauty and the Beast in the video below.

Obviously this video is being released in coordination with the forthcoming release of Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella in theaters, but can any of you honestly say that you woke up this morning expecting to see Sarah Michelle Geller participating in a rap battle? I certainly didn't but kudos to Whitney Avalon for coming up with the concept.

Of course, this isn't the first time that Avalon has decided to spit hot fire Disney princess-style, as she actually has an extended series where she has dressed up as various cartoon characters to rap against an opponent. Sarah Michelle Geller is definitely the biggest name that she has been able to get to participate in a video, but you can watch her dress up as Snow White and do battle with Katja Glieson as Frozen's Elsa:

Watching the special "Sarah Michelle Geller as Cinderella" episode, however, I must say that I am impressed with the actress' rapping abilities. Of course, her time on Buffy should have given us some inclination that she had it in her. Her skills in the musical department surely came through in the classic episode "Once More With Feeling," and she proved that she can look pretty great in an elegant dress as well.

Buffy Dress

As though it weren't enough pressure to live up to the classic 1950 Walt Disney Animation version of the classic fairy tale, now Lily James' interpretation of Cinderella has the responsibility of being more memorable than SMG's take - and that's not an easy challenge. She doesn't really have to compete in the music department, but that may end up working to her disadvantage. We'll just have to wait and see how it works out for her, as Kenneth Branagh's movie hits theaters tomorrow at midnight.

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