Watch: Wolverine Almost Wore The Classic Yellow And Blue Suit In James Mangold's Movie

I’ve gone on record multiple times begging Hugh Jackman to one day wear one of Wolverine’s classic costumes from the Marvel comic books. I’m not picky. I’d take yellow and blue, or brown and maroon. Both are amazing, and both would help cement his portrayal of the character as the greatest love letter to X-Men fans cinema could provide. It hasn’t happened yet, but the above scene suggests that it almost did … and now it NEEDS to.

The Playlist found the clip on a Russian Web site. It’s a deleted scene (or perhaps part of the Extended Edition) to James Mangold’s The Wolverine, this past summer’s hit superhero thriller. It’s an extension of the ending audiences received, with Wolverine (Jackman) boarding a plane with the warrior Yukio (Rila Fukushima) and setting off for random adventures - except in the longer clip, he opens a box and sees his legendary costume. It begs the question: WHY THE HELL DID MANGOLD EDIT THIS PART OUT OF THE SCENE?!?!

Not familiar with Wolverine’s costumes? They look like this:

Wolverine Brown

Or this:

Wolverine Yellow

What do they have in common? The mask. For whatever reason, Jackman has refused to don the mask in his multiple portrayals of Wolverine. It’s almost as depressing as seeing Tobey Maguire without his Spider-Man mask time after time:

Sad Tobey

Leave your mask on, Tobey! So sad.

There is future hope for Mangold’s Wolverine. The director recently started negotiations for The Wolverine 2. He needs to rectify the mistake he made at the end of The Wolverine. He needs to finally put Wolverine in the mask. It would establish him as the coolest Wolverine director, the true geek fan who understand ALL of the elements of Logan. Because, to borrow a message from our friend Bane...

Sean O'Connell
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