Water For Elephants Trailer: Robert Pattinson Joins Reese Witherspoon's Circus

Water for Elephants has put together a star-studded cast and sent them to the circus. Now the movie has a trailer in which Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon, and Christoph Waltz hang out with, well, elephants.

It’s based on an acclaimed bestseller about a veterinary student who falls in love with a married circus performer, in a bygone era where people still cared about circuses. There’s an elephant, and it’s the power of the trunk that brings them all together. The trailer starts by promising to show us the greatest circus disaster of all time, which is kind of like promising to show everyone the worst marathon accident ever, or the worst volleyball accident ever… or just pick something no one outside of the people who participate in it really cares about. But I’m probably being too harsh. The trailer is quiet and classy and worth a look.

Watch the first Water for Elephants trailer below or in HD on Apple.

Now you’ve seen it. Are you ready to buy Robert Pattinson as someone other than a shiny vampire? Yeah, he still just looks like a vampire with a tan. I’m also marginally annoyed by the movie’s easy, preachy tagline. “Life is the most spectacular show… on earth!” Talk about fucked out. And if you’re going to use a fucked out saying as part of your tagline, you could at least get the saying right. It’s greatest show on earth. Changing it to “spectacular” doesn’t make your tagline any more creative, it just makes it seem awkward and dumb.

What do you think? Let me know how wrong I am in the comments section below.

Josh Tyler