Are We Going To Get Mrs. Loki In Thor 3?

When Marvel rolled out their new massive slate of movies, the web went into a frenzy trying to figure out castings, directorial frontrunners, and plotlines. But could it be that a key character for Thor 3 (A.K.A. Thor: Ragnarok) was teased by Tom Hiddleston a full year ago?

Comic Book Hero has unearthed a Movie Web interview from the press tour of Thor: The Dark World, and in it the movie's Loki talked a potential Ragnarok synopsis. He agreed with speculation that Thor's story would follow this apocalyptic plotline, allowing, "There's obviously no script or anything. When I read the comic books, I thought it was an interesting way to go."

Well, with the title Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel has confirmed that thread. But Loki may be getting a bride, according to Tom Hiddleston. Potentially divulging a new character for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he said:

In the myth, he has a wife called Sigyn who protects him from a poison serpent who is dripping venom into his mouth. And she has a bowl over his mouth and of course the bowl keeps filling up and she has to empty it, and so his damnation could be interesting. I don't know...I mean, Loki is a character who's existed in popular consciousness for 3,000 years, so there are many, many iterations I could explore...It's just a question of whether audiences would want to see him again."

Now let's break this down. First and foremost: Tom, OF COURSE people want to see Loki again. You were there for his triumphant conquering of Comic Con 2013. Let's not play coy.

Secondly, let's look into this Signy, shall we? Basically, her key importance in Norse mythology is as Loki's protective wife, who comforted him when he was in bondage for his misdeeds. And as Hiddleston explained above, this included saving him from a torture where the goddess Skaði committed a snake to drip its venom into Loki's mouth. Signy would hold a bowl over his mouth to spare him the violent convulsions the venom would cause. But it's when she goes to dump the bowl that the snake's venom throws Loki into thrashings of pain so intense he breaks free, and from there begins Raganok - a world ending battle of the gods. And if Marvel sticks to Norse legend, we'll be saying goodbye to some beloved Asgardians. But before then, they would need to catch up and recapture that wily Loki, as he ended Thor: The Dark World sitting pretty and powerful.

While we're all for screenwriters Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost digging deep into Norse mythology for the third Thor installment, it seems a stretch at this point to assume Signy will be a part of it. For one thing, Tom Hiddleston himself admitted he'd seen no script at the time he made this comment, which of itself seems off-handed. Beyond that, having a confidante like Signy would mean sharing screentime. And frankly, we want as much Loki as possible before Hiddleston's Marvel contract concludes. But hey, Marvel did bring Signy into their comics in 1978, so it's not totally implausible that she might make her big screen debut.

Thor: Ragnarok will hit theaters on July 18, 2017.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.