Weather Channel Will Show Movies Which Have Nothing To Do With Weather

Slashfilm reported something very interesting... they received a press release from the Weather Channel saying they'll be showing movies.

You must be thinking, hey that's pretty awesome! I forgot that channel existed. But hold your excitement. The first movie they'll be showcasing is The Perfect Storm. Okay, it's a movie about a huge ass storm. That's highly relevant. There's even going to be weather type commentary from meteorologist Jen Carfagno. But the next week, things get shaky... when they show March of the Penguins... but still, they could tie weather into that somehow right?

Then it just gets stupid when they show Misery. Yes, the one with Kathy Bates. On the weather channel. I'll just let that sink in. The NEXT week, we basically hammer the nails in, with Deep Blue Sea.

Look weather channel, I know personally, I never tune in. But I don't think showing Katy Bates busting legs will get anyone any more interested in your doppler radar. I'm a fan of Storm Stories. They should make more of those. If you wanna go into movies, how about aJim Cantore movie? That dude's hardcore.