There’s a lot of imagination in this week’s best releases. From a ghastly creature haunting old visual mediums to reenvisioned historical moments, and world and their wars built entirely for the small screen, this week in home entertainment offers a little something for everyone, even if that something is watching scantily dressed teens try to find a younger sibling in a haunted house. Read on to learn about some of this week’s best releases, and maybe even a few that slipped under your radar.

There are so many subtle and often historically relevant details in Ben Affleck’s sophomore directorial effort, Argo. From the vintage Warner Bros. logo at the beginning of the movie to time-relevant jokes like Affleck teasing that if the six were going to bike out of Iran they were going to need Gatorade, Argo is well-thought out and affecting. The film follows a rescue attempt of six members from the American Embassy during the Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1979. A dramatic premise is supplemented by plenty of action, as well as great wit on the homefront from characters played by Alan Arkin and John Goodman.

For a movie that did so well at the box office and has received such wide critical acclaim, the Argo Blu-ray is a simple affair. The menu page is easy to navigate, but nothing spectacular and since it has no moving menu screen, it makes the disc look pretty cheap. Maybe the thought process is that the film stands on its own and doesn’t need a flashy intro screen, or maybe I’m just making excuses.

Best Special Feature: The menu page may be bland, but there are plenty of extras for movie buffs and history buffs alike. I’m a little biased in favor of the historical stuff, but if you’re not, the “Behind the Scenes” segment is certainly worthy of a watch. If you’re more like me, I loved the shorter segment that juxtaposes footage from the film with retrospective interview footage from many of the people involved in the big rescue attempted. It’s called “Rescued From Tehran: We Were There” and I think it gives the real behind-the-scenes perspective. If you want even more from where that came from, check out the Picture in Picture, but in its brevity, “Rescued from Tehran” has more of an emotionally impacting effect.

Other Special Features:
“Behind the Scenes: Argo: Absolute Authenticity”
Argo: The CIA and Hollywood Connection”
“Documentary: Escape From Iran: The Hollywood Option”
Feature Length Picture in Picture featuring commentary

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