Now that we’ve officially passed the Halloween hump and put a slew of seasonal horror releases behind us, the studios have plenty of Christmas titles they are already pumping and dumping this year. But don’t worry. There are some big releases, too, starting with Disney’s blockbuster, Maleficent, which you can check out, below.

Maleficent box
Maleficent Blu-ray
Maleficent’s story is a powerful one, ripped straight out of the heart of the Disney canon in order to focus on a traditional villain, rather than a hero. However, while Maleficent offers us a retelling of one of Disney’s most popular characters, it doesn’t deliver on the villainous premise many fans were hoping for.

Early on, Maleficent follows a young fairy living in the moor outside of a larger kingdom. Things are beautiful and well-kept in the Moor, which is where a lot of that fancy and sparkling outdoors footage that appeared in the trailer stems from. However, while Maleficent has a charmed childhood, things are about to grow dark for fairy. However, the older Maleficent (Angelie Jolie) is betrayed by her human love Stefan (Sharlto Copley), leading her on a rage spiral that twists the story of Sleeping Beauty into one of untimely friendship between Maleficent and Aurora (Elle Fanning), along with ultimate love.

Jolie is regal in the role, and her character’s arc is a believable one that will still be disappointing for those who are expecting to see the rise of a vicious villain. For everyone else, the lesson-filled narrative offers a fun story and more than competent design and world-building. The spectacle in Maleficent is lush, fantastical and well-earned. It’s a visual masterpiece with a sometimes bumpy plot that is, nevertheless, enjoyable.

You can order Maleficent over at Amazon.

Special Features: It’s a good thing that Walt Disney Home Entertainment has fans of all ages, because the extras on the Maleficent Blu-ray are kind of a mess. There are some deleted scenes that don’t do anything to further the plot and a bunch of nicely put-together behind-the-scenes extras that will bore your kids to tears. There’s a segment that looks at the Maleficent character, as well as another that looks at the fashion in the movie. Usually Disney is great about putting together a few behind-the-scenes segments for adult fans alongside a few fun extras for kids. Without animation, it’s apparently a lot more difficult.

List of Extras:
"Aurora: Becoming A Beauty"
"From Fairy Tale to Feature Film"
"Building an Epic Battle"
"Classic Couture"
"Maleficent Revealed"
Deleted Scenes

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