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With her feature film debut already in the can, Meadowland director Reed Morano is not keen on slowing down. The ultimate proof of her ambitions has been seen in a recent article that shows how her emotional approach to character driven material is just what she thinks Captain Marvel could use – should she be tapped to direct it.

A recent interview conducted with Morano, who previously served as a cinematographer on films such as Frozen River and The Skeleton Twins, mentioned that the freshman director was suggested as a possible helmer for the phase 3 Marvel Cinematic Universe entry. The folks at MCU Exchange grilled Morano about this very suggestion, and she stated her case for directing the future film with the following approach:
I just want to tell good stories with rich, complex characters. Carol Danvers’ story is the perfect example of that, with stories like her battle with alcoholism as she is losing her powers and her struggle with the loss of her memories. It excites me to see her story told because she’s a female superhero that is completely three dimensional and compelling. She has flaws and she is struggling.

Reed Morano is certainly no stranger to a life going down the tubes, as her debut in the director's chair focused on a couple that's lost a child, due to a random abduction. This event sends its main characters off the rails, with the mother of the child losing her grip on the world around her. If that isn't enough of a thematic coincidence to start convincing audiences that Morano's the right woman to depict Carol Danvers' similar journey into massive upset, then it should also be noted that her Meadowland lead, Olivia Wilde, is also a prime candidate for the role.

This wouldn't be the first time a relatively new director will have been tapped to lead a Marvel project into production, as the Spider-Man series landed two indie directors in a row. While (500) Days Of Summer's Marc Webb held the gig for both Amazing Spider-Man films, the new deal sharing the character between Marvel Studios and Sony lead to the franchise switching gears by hiring Cop Car's Jon Watts for the new reboot. Of course, Webb's hiring also casts a negative light on Marvel's hiring practices, as he was clearly not ready for a film as massive and political as both of his entries turned out to be.

Nevertheless, it's a good time to start thinking about who should be in the director's chair for Captain Marvel, as the film is slotted for a March 8, 2019 release date. While it's not exactly crunch time, you can be assured that Carol Danvers will more than likely be popping up at some point between now and the film's debut. At the very least, an actor playing the part will be required in the coming years; and if Olivia Wilde happens to land the gig, there's a good chance we've just gotten a look at her suggestion for her next boss.