What TJ Miller Wants To Do In Deadpool 2

Most superheroes have a friend or close acquaintance that they hang out with when not beating up bad guys. In Deadpool’s case, that’s Weasel, played by T.J. Miller in the Merc with the Mouth’s new movie. So far in the trailers, most of what we’ve seen Weasel do is make graphic observations about Wade Wilson’s disfigured face, so it remains to be seen how specifically he’ll be helping out his mercenary buddy. However, should Deadpool get a sequel, Miller would like to be in on the action more.

While bringing up that Weasel eventually became the superhero known as The House in the comics, Miller told MTV International that he wants to use firearms in Deadpool 2. The actor said:

All I want is, in the next movie, to be able to handle some guns. In this movie, I think Weasel was less interested in that then he was with winning some money.

Miller’s comment about winning money matches Weasel’s characterization from the comics. Despite being Wade’s friend, he consistently takes any chance to get rich or better his life, even if it means screwing Wade over. Although, to be fair, Deadpool’s shenanigans do frequently end up with Weasel getting hurt or mistreated, so it all evens out. It looks like he’ll have that same opportunistic streak in Deadpool, forgoing adventure and bullets in favor of getting some cash, which explains the casino we’ve caught snippets of.

The first trailers did show Weasel getting choked (possibly by Angel Dust), so he is going to earn someone’s ire during this movie because of Wade, regardless of how directly involved he is. If Deadpool’s Weasel is as talented a computer expert as his comic book counterpart, maybe he hacked into Ajax’s system on Wade’s behalf and was later caught. Or maybe Ajax and Angel Dust were just interrogating him about Wade’s whereabouts. Either way, if Miller is talking about what he would like to do in Deadpool 2, then it looks like he won’t be killed off, so give the man some guns for the next installment!

20th Century Fox has yet to order a Deadpool sequel, but if the buzz about the first one is as good as we’re starting to hear, then surely Fox will want to continue Wade Wilson’s adventures. What Deadpool 2 would be about is unclear, although director Tim Miller has considered bringing Cable into the mix. Unfortunately, Weasel doesn’t have any superpowers or fighting skills, so unless he’s packing heavy firepower or wearing a super suit (pray it isn’t green or animated), then he’s not going to be too useful.

You can listen to Miller’s full comments in the clip below.

Deadpool hits theaters one week from today, so stock up on chimichangas and get ready for lots of gore, cursing, un-tasteful nudity, and fourth-wall breaking.

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