First the big screen Dallas adaptation was plagued with filming location problems: should the movie film in Canada or actually in Dallas, Texas? A more serious problem has come to the film now however, more serious than the casting of John Travolta as J.R. Ewing. Dallas appears to be directorless.

According to Empire, Robert Luketic is no longer attached to Fox’s adaptation of the popular television prime-time soap opera, and with the loss of Luketic comes the loss of the movie from Fox’s release calendar. Does this mean the film is no longer being made?

The reasons for Luketic’s release from the picture are unspecificed, so it’s unknown whether the director left the picture or the studio let Luketic go. Maybe he was disgusted with the work that had been done so far, including the casting of Travolta and Jennifer Lopez. Maybe he really wanted to film in Texas. Maybe he woke up in the shower and discovered it was all a dream. Either way, it appears we won’t be seeing anyone shoot J.R. any time soon.

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