Why Batman v. Superman Might Be Filming In Morocco

Zack Snyder's Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice has been working pretty steadily through its shooting schedule as of late, and the theories have been piling up like there's no tomorrow. Just as you thought every rumor that could be mined out of this film had been reported, we find out that Snyder and company are moving their shoot to a more exotic locale at the beginning of September.

Batman News tipped us off to the following tweet from local film producer/director, Nassim Abassi.

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With Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice making a move to a warmer climate, there are a couple of possible reasons for it. The first, it could be a climate based decision that has to do with temperature. Second, there could be some pieces of the film that require a large expanse of desert, which could conceal some sort of LexCorp/Government black site that houses some sort of nasty Kryptonite related project.

Third, it's entirely possible Aquaman could be filming some scenes! Seeing as Zack Snyder has drawn some influences from the New 52 run of comics, he could be using the arc Lost for his introduction of Aquaman. In this run of issues, Aquaman finds himself in the desert, and he's not so sure why he's there in the first place. With the "World Engine" theory already in play for his motive, the ruination of Atlantis thanks to said engine would not only fit in with the comic storyline, it'd mesh with the films rather well. Fourth, there's always the option that Justice League IS filming back to back with Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice after all, which would further the need for way more shooting locations.

There's no shortage of theories as to what Zack Snyder and company are doing out in Morocco, while also filming in Chicago at certain points. What there is a shortage of is official explanations about what we've been seeing in recent set photos (such as Scoot McNairy's "legs",) as well as whether Jason Momoa is or isn't playing Aquaman. With a release date as far off as March 25th, 2016; the reality of the matter is Snyder doesn't have to give us answers. For the current moment, he's safe; but come convention season next year, you can bet fans will revolt if he doesn't have more than a teaser video with no actual footage in his possession.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice destroys another major city on March 25th, 2016.

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