The trend for 2013, so far, is directors of major studio blockbusters teasing their wares on Twitter. Marc Webb and Bryan Singer have been open about sharing imagery from their in-production projects The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past, respectively. Now James Mangold’s getting in on the action.

The director of The Wolverine often interacts with fans on his Twitter page, updating them on when a new trailer might arrive and ensuring folks that he’s trying to go darker than past Wolvie movies have gone in the past. Today, he posted a behind-the-scenes pic that shows the other side of an explosion. Check it out:

Mangold promises “a world through that blast hole,” saying that this was from the end of a shoot on “one of Francois Audoy’s amazing sets.” The production designer’s credits include all three of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Mangold’s upcoming Wolverine movie. We’d love to get a peek through that hole, where I’m sure that we’d see Japan … the location of Wolverine’s next adventure.

Mangold and Hugh Jackman are going to be tackling one of the most beloved stories in the character’s rich background, following him to Japan where he trains with samurai and meets his soul mate. If handled properly, The Wolverine has the ability to wipe clean the slate that was muddied by X-Men Origins and give Jackman’s angry hero new life.

A trailer for The Wolverine should arrive in March. The movie’s due in theaters on July 26. Do you want to see more photos on Mangold’s Twitter feed? Weigh in below.

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