X-Men: Apocalypse Is Going To Feature A Fight Club With At Least One Mutant

The fight between Apocalypse and the X-Men is going to be a massive conflict next year, but there will also be smaller scale clashes interspersed throughout X-Men: Apocalypse. For one of the mutants, despite his young age, he’ll find himself in brutal ring of combat. Fortunately, his powers should give him an edge against the competition. Check it out.


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Originally teased in concept art, the official X-Men: Apocalypse Twitter account posted this photo of a fighting ring scene being filmed. On the left monitor you see Warren Worthington III, a.k.a. Angel (played by Ben Hardy) appearing to yell. It’s hard to make out on the right monitor whether that’s the ring’s announcer/MC or Angel holding a microphone. I’m leaning toward the former, although it would be cool if Angel snatched the microphone either to taunt his opponent before the match or to boast of his victory to the spectators afterwards. Bryan Singer’s post of the picture on Instagram included the hashtag #eastberlin, confirming earlier information that Angel will be hanging out in Germany when Apocalypse finds him.

The last time we saw Warren Worthington III, in X-Men: The Last Stand, he came from a wealthy family, and although he did have disagreements with his father, he didn’t run off until almost injected with a "cure." However, because the timeline has been altered, we don’t know what circumstances have led to this version of Warren running away and entering the dangerous world of underground fighting. This scene harkens back to when audiences first met Wolverine in 2000’s X-Men, although this fighting ring looks more intense than the one Logan was in.

After sleeping for thousands of years, Apocalypse awakens in the 1980s and is dissatisfied with what has become of the planet. Determined to remake society his own image, he recruits four mutants to his cause, including Angel. At some point during the film, Angel will be outfitted with metallic wings, thus turning him into Archangel. This fighting ring photo is the latest look behind the scenes that the film has provided. Other recent glimpses into the production include Alexandra Shipp’s Storm in Egypt, a giant X in front of a ruined building, and teases of costumes that will be worn by some of the characters.

We’ll see Angel in action alongside the rest of the film’s gigantic mutant cast when X-Men: Apocalypse flies into theaters on May 27, 2016.

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