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With the Veronica Mars film surpassing its $2 million Kickstarter goal and currently approaching $3.5 million from fans of the short-lived series, the movie is a go. The fans are still coming through with their financial contributions, which will go toward production costs. Warner Bros. Digital Distribution will be taking care of the marketing, promotion and distribution of the planned film, which will hopefully arrive early next year. That leaves us to speculate over what series creator Rob Thomas has planned for Veronica Mars and the other characters. Some additional details about what's planned for the plot of the film have been revealed, and - semi-spoiler alert - it involves murder!

"Murder" isn't a huge spoiler, as it was a recurring theme on Veronica Mars, with the UPN series' first season focusing on the murder of Kristen Bell's character's best friend Lilly Kane (Amanda Seyfried). And from what Entertainment Weekly published in their latest issue, which discusses the Kickstarter campaign for the movie, murder is the planned focus for the film.

(More specific plot spoilers ahead)

EW says the plot will be set a decade after the show's third season and will have Veronica returning to Neptune, California after Logan (Jason Dohring) seeks her help in investigating the murder of his pop-star girlfriend. He's apparently the prime suspect, which doesn't sound all that unfamiliar when we look back at Season 1 of the series.

We also know from what Thomas has said on the Kickstarter page that there may be a 10 year high school reunion at Neptune High, which would certainly provide an excuse to bring some of Veronica's old friends back into the picture. Go pirates!

EW's article mentions that Veronica got her bachelor's at Stanford and went on to Columbia Law School, which I guess means she left Hearst. Also, it sounds like she decided to stick with the legal system, professionally, though in a different field, assuming she's using her law degree. If that's the case, that legal expertise may prove to be especially useful to Logan, considering his predicament. Of course, there's the possibility that this plot could change once it comes time to start shooting, which will hopefully begin in June, but from what's been reported, it sounds like an interesting place to bring the characters back together.

Also mentioned in the article is Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell's hope to bring some footage of the film to Comic Con this year. If they do manage to get the film started in June, they might have something finished to show Veronica Mars fans at SDCC in July. It would be pretty fantastic if they can make that happen.

EW's full article about the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter campaign can be read in EW's "News and Notes" column on page 13 of the March 22, 2013 issue (with the Game of Thrones cover).