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Hulu surprised fans yesterday with the announcement that Veronica Mars’ much-anticipated fourth season was getting released early. Initially set to start streaming on July 26, Veronica Mars debuted a full week early with its newly-minted July 19 release. Countless Marshmallows were undoubtedly excited by the development…until now. The lesson?

It all goes back to that old saying, “be careful what you wish for.” Veronica Mars fans are experiencing it first-hand due to a stunning plot twist in the Season 4 finale. One that has sent them reeling. Before getting into those reactions from Twitter, here is what has fans so upset about the finale's ending.

Warning: Spoilers for the Season 4 finale of Veronica Mars are below.

In the finale, Veronica finally marries her long-time flame, Logan. Sadly, that is not where the season ends. The couple’s newlywed bliss is abruptly brought to an end when violence rips Logan away from the world. While preparing to leave for their honeymoon, Logan goes outside to move the car.

The bomber terrorizing Neptune during spring break was Patton Oswalt’s character, Penn. It turns out that he left an undiscovered bomb in Veronica’s car. She realizes it too late, and it detonates killing Logan. After fifteen years that have spanned three initial seasons, a movie, and a revival season, murder has separated Veronica and Logan. The plot twist has sent fans spiraling, with one Marshmallow saying:

This fan was not the only one gutted by the twist, which saw a fan-favorite coupling reach a mortal end. Many fans took to Twitter to share their pain, fresh off what had to be a daunting session of binge-watching.

The season came out yesterday, and they already made it through all eight episodes of the series’ not too adult return. It dropped no F-bombs for a reason. There should be more Veronica Mars fans sharing their feelings as the weekend progresses. Another fan expressed anger, saying:

Another fan clearly blindsided by Logan getting killed off. Some fans online are still clinging to hope that Logan somehow survived. When it comes to television, anything is often possible, and fans have learned to become wary of particular plot shockers.

Enter the fans who think that Logan is not actually dead. Meaning that all of the upset that many are feeling could end up getting rectified. Here is one fan’s take on why it is possible:

While some believe that Logan could still be alive, others are taking the twist for what it is. A beloved character ripped away in a finale many fought so hard and waited so long to see.

It is a blow that fans who have already reached the end have not even had a full day to process. Their feelings are raw and visceral. Here is another Veronica Mars viewer expressing thoughts on the matter:

There is bleak, and then there is bleak. This fan clearly thinks that killing off Logan was a step into territory that was too dire for Veronica Mars. All of which brings up the question. If there is a fifth season of Veronica Mars, will fans still want to tune in? Kristen Bell sounded willing to continue doing the show.

Will Veronica Mars fans still want a continuation after this twist? One that leaves them without their favorite couple. Or will they eventually decide they want to see what happens next for their heroine? One fan had a warning for fans thinking about watching:

Is this really the end of Veronica Mars? It seems like a strange place to leave the series, permanently. Marshmallows will undoubtedly feel torn about wanting to watch Veronica continue on. Not to mention, many fans feel betrayed by the whole twist.

Can they ever trust Veronica Mars enough as a show to watch another season? Will they get one? Or will the series’ legacy be this bitter twist? Stay tuned.

Veronica Mars Season 4 is currently streaming on Hulu, along with its previous seasons. The series is part of this summer’s stirring volume of premieres.

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