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Surprise! Veronica Mars Season 4 Is Available To Stream Earlier Than Expected

Veronica Mars Kristen Bell Hulu
(Image credit: Michael Desmond / Hulu)
(Image credit: Michael Desmond / Hulu)

Veronica Mars is here! That’s right, Marshmallows! The wait for Season 4 is officially over. Kristen Bell’s titular detective is already streaming on Hulu. Initially planned to arrive on July 26, the streamer has taken mercy on fans and released it earlier than expected. As announced at this year’s currently unfolding San Diego Comic-Con.

What can fans expect when they start to stream it? A lot! The fourth season is comprised of eight episodes and one central mystery. Who is murdering spring breakers in Neptune? That is the case that Mars Investigations is hired to solve by the parents of one victim. You can also expect the return of one of the show's original villains in this season.

They will have to solve it without dropping the F-bomb, but the reason for that has been explained. Veronica Mars could not get too adult with its content on Hulu, much like Kristen Bell and her The Good Place co-star Kirby Howell-Baptiste on the NBC comedy. Howell-Baptiste, by the way, will be playing the owner of one of Neptune’s most popular nightclubs in Season 4.

That returning villain is not the only original character besides Veronica coming back for the revival, so we have lots to look forward to, including the possibility of more Veronica Mars in the future. Yes. Fans have every reason to hope that their favorite heroine will return to solve another mystery.

That is based on what the series’ star, Kristen Bell, said about how long she would be willing to play Veronica. Hint: For a very long time. So far, Hulu has not renewed Veronica Mars for a fifth season, but the streamer releasing it early is a very hopeful sign that we might get a Season 5.

The announcement of Season 4’s early release brings a five-year wait to see Veronica again to an end. It has been that long since Rob Thomas’ Kickstarter-funded movie got released in 2014. Since then, the wait for fans to see Veronica Mars’ protagonist bring down villains has worn on. Then came the news that Marshmallows had been waiting for.

Last year, Hulu confirmed that Veronica Mars was getting revived for a fourth season. Making Hulu the third home for the fan-favorite series. Veronica Mars debuted on UPN fifteen years ago in 2004. It eventually came to The CW following the merger between The WB and UPN. The series ended with Season 3, which finished airing in 2007. Twelve years later, the fourth season is here!

Like the wait to see the friend you have known since high school after five years apart, that friend is (finally) here. Interestingly enough, that friend is also ready for you to get on the couch, turn on the television, and start watching Veronica Mars on Hulu. It is one of CinemaBlend writer Mick Joest’s 10 TV highlights arriving this month on the streamer for a good reason.

Veronica Mars Season 4 is now streaming on Hulu. The series is part of this summer’s stunning volume of premieres.

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