Independence Day: Resurgence Video Explains Crazy Dr. Okun's Return

Among the many questions that still surround Independence Day: Resurgence is how the eccentric Dr. Brackish Okun is still alive. In 1996's Independence Day, it seemed that he had died after his experience with the alien in Area 51, so when it was announced that Brent Spiner would be reprising his role in the sequel, many fans were understandably confused. Despite Okun being seen in previews and clips, there was no explanation provided about his survival, but a new viral video finally confirms what some suspected: he's been in a coma for the past two decades.

The latest installment of ESD Films Presents points the spotlight on Dr. Brackish Okun (or as he's described, "Einstein with a mood ring"), calling him a genius comparable to the likes of Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking. After going over his time studying at the California Institute of Technology and being recruited by the government to work at Area 51 after graduation, the "documentary" takes us back to that fateful day in 1996: when the aliens attacked Earth. We already know how Okun contributed to Independence Day, but the video reveals is that he suffered critical injuries that left him in a coma all this time. The narrator caps off this look at Okun speculating that he may return when Earth needs him again. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

To recap for those who haven't seen Independence Day recently, Okun was analyzing the alien that Steven Hiller brought back to Area 51 when the creature, who everyone thought was dead, awoke and attacked the scientist. It subsequently took control of his mind to communicate with President Whitmore and launch a psychic attack. The soldiers at the base killed the extraterrestrial, but Okun collapsed, seemingly dead. Now we know that he's been in a coma all this time, the next question on our minds is why he's waking up right as the second alien invasion force arrives. The best guess at the moment is there were some lingering effects the alien left behind when it controlled his mind, and its brethren coming to Earth 20 years later somehow triggered those effects.

Whether the exact circumstances for his awakening in Independence Day: Resurgence, it looks like Brackish Okun will be back to his usual self in no time. One of the clips showed him with Thomas Whitmore and others observing a captured alien and understanding what it was saying, and a different clip showed him retrieving an experimental laser that he built in 1994 that he believes can cut through one of the alien ships. Even with Earth's advanced technology in 2016, Okun's will likely offer some invaluable assistance in helping defeat the new invaders. Assuming he survives the events of the sequel, learning how the world has changed while he was unconscious should keep him busy.

Independence Day: Resurgence finally hits theaters this Friday.

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