Apparently Viola Davis Did Get Her Own Suicide Squad Gift From Jared Leto

Suicide Squad

Jared Leto made headlines numerous times for all the of the wild gifts he sent to his Suicide Squad co-stars, but for some reason, he seemed to spare Viola Davis from the experience of a Joker present. Or not. While Davis had previously said that she did not receive any gifts from the Joker, it now turns out that she did: he sent her a box of bullets.

When Jared Leto acts he gets seriously into character. And when that character is The Joker it means that he's going to do crazy things that scare the hell out of people. Such was the case when he sent Margot Robbie a rat as a gift because he wanted to keep her off balance. While Leto reportedly sent all of the members of the Suicide Squad presents, including a dead hog and porn, Viola Davis previously stated never received anything. We thought Leto might have spared her because of her character's perceived authority, but it turns out Davis wasn't being completely honest. She did receive a box of bullets from the actor, and based on what she said to E! Online about the first time she met Jared Leto out of character at the film's wrap party, the gift had the desired effect.

Before that I was only introduced to The Joker...and I almost had my pepper spray out. You know, 'You remember that bullet you sent me.'

We've heard of actors who have stayed in character before, but it really seems like Jared Leto took things to another level. Viola Davis is the second person to speak about Leto and The Joker has separate entities. While she was on set with The Joker, she never met the real Jared Leto until the after party. Will Smith has made similar comments, saying that, while he had scenes with The Joker, he had not ever met the actor named Jared Leto.

Viola Davis and Will Smith also have something else in common, as they both received bullets from The Joker's gift bag. Sending bullets to the man who plays the sniper Deadshot certainly makes some sense; it really feels like a gift. The Joker gave Deadshot what he needs to engage in his favorite activity, how nice. In contrast, it's clear that Viola Davis viewed the bullets more as a threat than a gift, and they were probably meant that way. While we have yet to see Amanda Waller interact with a Suicide Squad character in the trailer, traditionally it's a fairly antagonistic relationship, and most of them would probably shoot her if they could.

We're looking forward to seeing the end result of all this insanity when Suicide Squad finally comes to theaters in August.

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