New Power Rangers Photo Shows Off An Intense Fight Between The Yellow Ranger And Rita Repulsa

In the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers television series, Rita Repulsa frequently sent monster minions to Earth to destroy her hated enemies, the Power Rangers. For next year's reboot, it looks like Elizabeth Banks' version of the villainess will be more willing to get her hands dirty by targeting the Rangers one by one. That includes Trini, the Yellow Ranger, and a new photo shows that she and Rita will get into an intense fight during the movie.

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This new Power Rangers photo shows Rita Repulsa ambushing Trini in her bedroom, and unfortunately, it's while she's unmorphed. You can see Rita isn't going lightly on this teenager with attitude, as she's shoved Trini with so much force that the wall cracked. We'll have to wait until next year to see exactly how Trini escapes Rita's clutches, but for now, here's what actress Becky G told EW about the scene:

Rita tries to make Trini feel like she's the weakest link of the Power Rangers, and she feels it's easiest to go for her. Rita's the type to play a lot of mind games, and Trini's [thinking], 'Can I really overpower Rita Repulsa or can I not?

Just like her TV counterpart, Power Rangers' Rita Repulsa is expected to be a physical powerhouse, but this quote also indicates that she'll be a master of psychological manipulation. The original Rita dabbled in this back in the '90s, like when she corrupted Tommy to turn him into the Green Ranger, but Elizabeth Banks' version will make sure that she's not only throwing her weight around, but also make Trini question just how strong she really is. We don't know yet if Rita will successfully attack the other Rangers or if Trini will be her only victim, but at least fans can look forward to the team battling the malevolent alien fully morphed using their cool fighting moves, special weapons and Megazords.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers took pop culture by storm over two decades ago, and while the TV franchise has continued since that time with different casts, the new movie will retell the original premise for a new generation and longtime fans. Along with Becky G's Trini, the cinematic Rangers consist of Dacre Montgomery as Jason, the Red Ranger; Naomi Scott as Kimberly, the Pink Ranger; RJ Cyler as Billy, the Blue Ranger; and Ludi Lin as Zack, the Black Ranger. Bryan Cranston has also been cast as Zordon, the Rangers' floating head mentor, adding extra star power to the story.

Power Rangers hits theaters on March 24, 2017, but as Becky G pointed out in the interview, she and the other Ranger actors will appear next week at San Diego Comic-Con.

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