There’s Another Theory About Scott Eastwood’s Suicide Squad Character, And We Like Where It’s Going


Scott Eastwood's star is on the rise, what with his role in this summer's Suicide Squad bringing a lot of attention to an already highly visible career. Yet from the beginning, the biggest talking point has been just which character he's playing in the new anti-hero film from DC and Warner Bros. It's a subject that's been revisited recently, and today is no different, as yet another theory has cropped up. Should this new line of thinking be true, Eastwood just might be the DC Cinematic Universe's Green Arrow.

This highly speculative theory comes from Newsarama, as they've been pouring over remarks made by Suicide Squad insiders, spurred on by the recent theory that Eastwood's character was named "Lieutenant 'GQ' Edwards." But new remarks that were pulled from an interview with have flat out called that theory a lie, leaving Newsarama to dig a little deeper into the history of DC Comics adaptations, both produced and un-produced. Somehow, in their thought process, they stumbled upon Green Arrow: Escape From Supermax, a rejected concept which kind of sounds like the basic set up for Suicide Squad, as the biggest, baddest villains found themselves sharing a prison with a wrongly convicted Oliver Queen. The lynchpin to all of this is the following remarks from one of the producers, Richard Suckle, who dropped the following statement regarding Eastwood's character:

[Scott Eastwood's] character was sort of existing, then it wasn't going to exist in the movie, and David [Ayer] wanted to bring him back.

So not very long after a movie about a prison full of villains was vetoed by the powers that be at Warner Bros, another film just happened to magically appear with the same sort of story, and with a character that was going to be in the film, only to be dropped and re-instated later on. Call us crazy, but we're kinda pick up on what they're putting down here.

Considering the accelerated development plan that the DC Cinematic Universe has been engaging in, it wouldn't be that surprising if Green Arrow was some how smuggled into a pre-existing film, just in time for him to pop up in the Justice League film scheduled for next November. Seeing as Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman are the two films that lead up to that massive DC team-up film, it's a good chance that the former film would be the most organic option for integrating the character. Not to mention, Scott Eastwood has a pretty good look for a potential Green Arrow, so the theory kind of holds water.

However, considering all footage of Eastwood's character from Suicide Squad shows him off as more of a military grunt, rather than a billionaire industrialist, we're still waiting for some more evidence before we get too excited. Still, the prospect of a Green Arrow portrayed by Scott Eastwood is a bit of dream casting that has us even more eager to see Suicide Squad when it's released on August 5th. In the meantime: do you think Scott Eastwood is playing Oliver Queen? If not, who would you cast in the role? Leave some theories of your own in the Comments!

Mike Reyes
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