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New Star Trek Beyond Trailer Drops A Major Spoiler

Earlier today, we published a story featuring a very simple warning to Star Trek fans from Simon Pegg. The actor/writer cautioned that if people want to see the upcoming Star Trek Beyond in theaters spoiler-free, it's in your best interest to avoid all forms of footage. Now a brand new TV spot has arrived, and we now know exactly to what Pegg was referring. Watch the following video at your own discretion!

This isn't a leak, but rather a brand new TV spot released directly from Paramount Pictures. As you can see, it reveals some extremely important information about Krall, the character played by Idris Elba. Specifically, the footage shows that he didn't always look like an alien, and is, in fact, a human. Having seen the film, I can tell you that this is indeed a big reveal from the third act of the movie -- which is why Simon Pegg felt the need to warn fans.

I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed that this TV spot actually exists. To this point, Paramount Pictures has done a really good job not over-promoting the movie (even when it looked like they were trying to hide the blockbuster), and it looked like fans were going to be able to go into their local theater and see the film with no real clue as to what happens after the Enterprise is attacked and destroyed at the end of the first act. Now this trailer is going to allow the spread of what should be a secret held for the big screen -- and while people obviously don't have to watch it, there is now the increased chance that Trekkies wanting to go into the cinema knowing as little as possible about the plot are going to accidentally run into a major spoiler online or on television.

It's not hard to understand the move from the studio's perspective. Idris Elba is a big name actor that the studio can try and sell audiences with, and he looks completely unrecognizable underneath all of his Krall makeup. That being said, it's a shame that the company feels the need to destroy part of the cinematic experience in order to try and sell a few extra tickets.

The good news is that Star Trek Beyond does still have some smaller twists and turns that are still being held for the big screen, but sadly there's no guarantee that we won't see more TV spots and trailers pop up ruining those parts of the film. I certainly have my fingers crossed that we won't be living in spoiler city by the time Friday rolls around.

Stay tuned for more of our spoiler-free coverage of Star Trek Beyond, and see the film in theaters starting on July 22nd.

Eric Eisenberg
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