Why The Rooftop Fight From Batman v Superman Was So Tough To Film, According To Henry Cavill

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a massive undertaking, and we're only beginning to discover exactly how much. Today, the film has been released on Blu-ray, and details revealed from the special features have found their way online. For example, in one we learn from Henry Cavill that the big fight sequence between Batman and Superman was actually incredibly complicated to film, because Ben Affleck spent the entire thing basically battling blind.

Fight sequences are always difficult. They need to be perfectly choreographed in most cases simply to avoid one of the actors getting legitimately hurt. That was an even bigger issue on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. You'll likely remember the Dark Knight Returns inspired armor that Ben Affleck wore in the climactic battle. It included a massive helmet with eyes that lit up. Henry Cavill says that he had to do some pretty heavy lifting in the fight because the helmet prevented Ben Affleck from being able to see much during their scenes, meaning he had to make sure everything went right. Said the actor,

During a fight sequence, where the person you're fighting, because of the nature of their costume, can't see anything, you're the one has to be watching for punches, the usual stuff. And when you're punching someone, it's where to punch, how deep.

If having a blind partner in a choreographed scene wasn't bad enough, it gets worse. It turns out that trying to do it all while also seeing through pouring rain makes it extremely difficult to measure your punches in the way that Henry Cavill was just talking about. The actor continued,

As soon as it starts raining, all of your distance is messed with. You have to adjust immediately. Plus, the water's really cold... And then remembering everything you have to do and try not to get hit in the face by a guy wearing hard plastic gloves.

And remember, the guy swinging the hard plastic gloves can't see you, so there's only so much he'll be able to do to avoid hitting you. Check out the full sequence below.

The fight scene between the two most popular heroes in comics is the thing we all waited though Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in order to see. The good news is that with the extended edition Blu-ray we may be able to see even more of it, as an additional 30 minutes has been added to the movie. What did you think of the fight scene? Let us know in the comments.

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