See The Joker And Harley Quinn Kiss In New Extended Suicide Squad Trailer

Warner Bros has been releasing Suicide Squad promos over the past three days highlighting some of the folks involved with the Squad, but now we come to someone who is definitely not a team player. Jared Leto's Joker finally gets the spotlight in the third DCEU movie's latest trailer, and while there are plenty of moments showcasing how much of an "antisocial, psychotic freak" he is, it also gives us something that we haven't seen in any of the Suicide Squad previews so far: him kissing his girlfriend, Harley Quinn.

Ever since she was introduced in Batman: The Animated Series back in 1992, Harley Quinn has been best known as Joker's girlfriend, and Suicide Squad won't be any different. We've seen the two of them together in other trailers, from Joker diving in after Harley when she falls into the vat of chemicals to them hectically driving around in that snazzy car, but this promo is the first time they've been seen smooching. Here's the replay in case you want to just watch that moment.

Harley Quinn Joker

Suicide Squad will explore Joker and Harley Quinn's past together, but in the present day, he'll try to reunite with her while she's on her mission with the team. Whether he truly wants her back because he loves her (doubtful) or needs her for a sinister plan, it looks like he succeeds, as that scene appears to take place well into the story. Of course, that doesn't mean their relationship will last. In the comics, Harley has branched away from the Clown Prince of Crime, either hanging out with the Squad or leading her own adventures. So just because she's still enamored with him doesn't mean she'll be wrapped around his finger in future movies, especially if she finally realizes how abusive he is.

Beyond that Harley moment, we gets to see of Joker's crazy moments in Suicide Squad, including him in a straightjacket at Arkham Asylum and interrogating some goon. Regarding the latter, I'm assuming that Joker's "toys" will result in this man's untimely demise. At one point, Joker appears to be doing his best Batman impression with a drawn-on mustache. Random, yes, but also extremely unsettling. The whole thing ends with the Caped Crusader's arch-nemesis laying in the center in his circle of weapons and other assorted goods. Judging by that laugh, this is him at his most blissful. In case it wasn't clear, this guy is a nutcase, and he's going to cause a lot of trouble for both Batman and the Squad come next month.

Joker's latest reign of terror will begin when Suicide Squad arrives in theaters on August 5.

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