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They say there is no accounting for taste. Apparently, this holds true with former presidents as much as it does with anybody else. Nobody would ever cite the Police Academy movies as the high point of cinematic comedy, yet last night we learned the somehow utterly surprising fact that Bill Clinton is a big Police Academy fan. As you might expect, the internet thinks that's hilarious.

At political conventions, we all expect to hear outrageous things. Usually it comes from politicians making promises they never intend to keep. However, Bill Clinton was always a very special sort of politician.When he says outrageous things, it's in an entirely new category. Last night, the former President of the United States was speaking at the Democratic National Convention about his relationship with his wife, the current party nominee for President, Hillary Clinton. As part of this, he let slip one of his least fatherly moments.

[Hillary and I] rarely disagreed on parenting, although she did believe that I'd gone a little over the top when I took a couple days off with Chelsea to watch all six Police Academy movies back-to-back.

Wait? Took a couple of days off? Did he let Chelsea stay home from school for this? Did he take a couple days off from being the Governor of Arkansas? Or from being President? While this admission is mildly terrifying, it's also hilarious, and so very Bill Clinton. Twitter had a field day as you might expect.

I think we can all agree that the greatest thing about a Hillary Clinton presidency from a pure entertainment standpoint would be to have Bill back in the White House as the First Husband. He is an endless source of entertainment. Of course, this whole concept opened up the floodgates of brilliant ideas.

There were actually a total of seven Police Academy movies if you count Mission to Moscow, although we don't know who would do such a thing. Of course, this also forces us to ask many questions about the other person involved in this movie marathon. How did Chelsea get involved in this?

In the end, however, there was no greater response on the entire internet than this one.

Ok, confession time kids. Which movie series did you once marathon that you don't want to admit? It can't be worse than Police Academy, so you have no excuse.

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