The Exact DC Moment When Will Smith Was Full-On Starstruck

Will Smith

Will Smith is a big star. He's seen and done it all. You'd expect most people would become starstruck after they meet him, but sometimes it happens to him as well. It turns out that Will Smith is just as big of a comic book fan as the rest of us, and so when he first saw Batman on the set of Suicide Squad, he apparently lost his composure a little bit. Ok, maybe a lot.

Will Smith has been the star of some of the biggest summer blockbuster movies ever. From Independence Day to Men in Black to his multiple Academy Award nominations, you'd think Will Smith wouldn't be shocked or surprised by anything anymore. Joining the DC Extended Universe shouldn't be a big deal. However, the man of the Willennium admitted to Jimmy Fallon, that he was just as big a fanboy as the rest of us the first time he saw the Batmobile. He said:

Suicide Squad is in the Batman world, the DC Comics world, I made a lot of movies. It's all good. It's another movie. But then the Batmobile came around the corner and I was like 'Oh!'. Ben Affleck jumps out of the Batmobile and I was like oh my god!

Simply reading the quote does not do it justice. Check out the video below to get Will Smith's complete reaction, it's worth it. We can't say we blame him. Even if you're movie superstar Will Smith, there have to be things that you're a fan of, and if one of those things is Batman, then getting cast in a DC movie has to be pretty cool. Now we completely understand why Will Smith is angling for an opportunity to actually put on the cape and cowl, because what Batman fan wouldn't? He says he wanted Ben Affleck's autograph, but we're really sure he just wanted Batman's.

While Will Smith doesn't get to be Batman, he does get to be Deadshot (a.k.a. Floyd Lawton), a sniper and assassin, and honestly one of the cooler villains in the DC universe. We're just as excited to see him as he was to see the Batmobile. We're going to see him, along with Jared Leto as The Joker, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and plenty of other bad guys when Suicide Squad hits theaters next Friday.

Who would you be more excited to meet, Will Smith or Ben Affleck dressed as Batman? Let us know in the comments.

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