Why Suicide Squad's Diversity Is Important, According To Will Smith

Suicide Squad Will Smith

While it's not exactly having the easiest week before its estimated record-breaking opening weekend, Suicide Squad still has a lot going for it. With fans already defending the film, despite not having seen it yet, the crowds that'll line up for David Ayer's dark comic-book action / comedy don't seem deterred. But even more importantly, Suicide Squad is coming at a time that, according to Will Smith, benefits America the most. In fact, according to the world famous actor, the film represents everything this country should stand for, all thanks to its diverse array of baddies turned goodies.

Smith's remarks were captured during last night's star-studded premiere for Suicide Squad in New York. Variety was on hand to cover, and during Will Smith's appearance with the rest of the cast of the DC Comics juggernaut, the actor took the time to gush about his fellow cast-members. Specifically, he was pleased with the following aspect of the film's cast:

...what I love about working with this group, as you see up on this stage, it's a rainbow. It's all races, creeds, and colors. This is the diversity that this country is supposed to be about. It's the inclusion this country is supposed to be about.

Will Smith has always been a chill sort of guy, promoting a message of peace and love among his fans and in his personal life. So his statement above couldn't be more appropriate, especially with the world seeming very divided in several different ways. But in a twist of irony, Smith is promoting this message while also promoting Suicide Squad: a film where a team of rag tag anti-heroes that are very much out for themselves begrudgingly take a mission that'll save the world. Who'd have thought that Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and the rest of The Squad would be the figures we'd need to remind us about diversity in such trying times?

Diversity is certainly an interesting subject to bring up when it comes to Suicide Squad, as early signs across the board had us believing that the film was just what comic and movie fans needed to believe in the power of DC Comics and Warner Bros' abilities. Of course, the moment critics started to tear into the film with their sharply worded reviews, fans were less than pleased with the result. However, that hasn't dimmed the shine of David Ayer, and we highly doubt Will Smith, or any other member of Suicide Squad's cast, would let any bad buzz get in their way. If anything, this sort of attitude is indicative of another reason diversity is crucial to the film's success.

The most important form of diversity out there is, arguably, that of personal opinions. While Suicide Squad doesn't seem to be the type of film that makes everyone happy, it looks like it could make enough people happy to ride its way into the history books, and into the good graces of its studio home. Most importantly, the movie just looks like fun, and everyone in the world could use a little more of that in their lives, no matter what the circumstance. We're really close to seeing which way the scenario breaks, as Suicide Squad is set to make the bad guys look good, starting in early showings Thursday night.

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