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Doctor Strange Just Got Its First TV Spot, Watch It Now

With Suicide Squad now in theaters, there's only one major comic book movie left to look forward to in 2016, and that's Marvel's Doctor Strange. As the MCU's first genuine foray into the realm of magic and mysticism, all eyes are on the Benedict Cumberbatch fronted superhero adventure to do something wholly new for the long-running cinematic universe. The first ever TV spot for the Sorcerer Supreme's solo adventure has just dropped, and it promises something unique and fun for long-time Marvel fans. Check it out below.

The above TV spot doesn't exactly offer a plethora of new information regarding Doctor Strange's actual narrative, but it definitely continues to stoke our mounting excitement for the upcoming Phase 3 Marvel movie. Echoing what we have already seen from the earlier trailers, the commercial provides exposition on Stephen Strange's origin by showing him training with Tilda Swinton's The Ancient One and learning about the various realities that make up the universe. We see him go from a naïve medical doctor with no belief in the otherworldly to becoming a bona fide sorcerer who has to save the universe form an apocalyptic threat posed by Mads Mikkelsen's Kaecilius. Marvel movies have become known for their massive scope, and this one looks no different.

We cannot even begin to explain how excited we are for Doctor Strange because the Marvel Cinematic Universe has clearly been building toward this moment for quite some time. The climax of Ant-Man, as well as the second season of Agent Carter, planted seeds for the eventual debut of legitimate magic in the Marvel films, which something that has been oddly lacking for a franchise centering upon super soldiers, men in flying suits, and gods from other dimensions. With magic coming into play, it feels like the Marvel movies have finally embraced the minutiae of their comic book source material.

One thing that sets this articular TV spot apart from the other promotional material that we have already seen comes in the way it promotes its enhanced visual style. Doctor Strange will undoubtedly prove itself as one of the most visually engaging Marvel movies to date, as it will feature numerous trippy sequences in which the characters literally bend reality in truly spectacular fashion. With that in mind, Marvel Studios clearly has a vested interest in getting people to see the film in 3D when it finally hits theaters in November, as the movie seems designed for that specific format.

If nothing else, we're absolutely certain that Doctor Strange will be a perfect movie for Marvel fans that enjoy breathtaking visuals coupled with well-developed characters. We will keep you up to date with any and all relevant details related to the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure as more information becomes available to us. Benedict Cumberbatch will debut as Stephen Strange when Doctor Strange hits theaters on November 4.

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