The DCEU began on a truly grandiose note in 2013 when Man of Steel hit theaters. While that particular film developed a somewhat negative (and somewhat unearned) reputation among moviegoers, we cannot deny the fact that it has had a major impact the direction of DC's current film slate. Henry Cavill's Superman has taken a major backseat since Man of Steel hit theaters, but the character will soon have another moment in the sun, as we've just learned that Warner Bros. has a Man of Steel sequel in active development.

As excited as we are for Man of Steel 2, we still know very little about where it could actually go. If the last three DCEU films are any indication, we can likely expect Kal-El to face off against a truly major bad guy, but there's simply so many to choose from. With that in mind, we have assembled a list of the six Superman villains that we think the Man of Steel should go toe-to-toe with in his upcoming sequel. Some have brains, some have brawn and some have both. Now let's get started with a villain who was actually rumored for Batman V Superman...


One of Superman's most iconic villains, John Corben, a.k.a Metallo, is a former con man who finds himself transformed into a villainous cyborg possessing a heart made of pure kryptonite after a tragic accident. He is hands down one of Superman's most well-known and beloved foes, but he has never officially managed to make his way to the silver screen. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice reportedly even featured a brief cameo from Metallo's creator, Emmet Vale, and the introduction of Kryptonite has us wondering if the metallic criminal could possibly show up to present a distinct physical challenge to the iconic hero in the upcoming sequel. While he likely wouldn't represent the primary antagonist of Man of Steel 2, he would make a damn good secondary threat.

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