Bad Boys 3 Has A New Title That's So Dumb And Obvious It's Actually Perfect

Bad Boys 3

Michael Bay's reputation in Hollywood may not the best. Whatever your feelings about the Transformers movies, the fact is that a lot of people do like the two Bad Boys films, or at the very least, the first one. They like Bad Boys so much, the next one is on the way. However, when it gets here, it won't simply be called _Bad Boys 3. T_hat would be too easy. Instead, the new film sounds like something designed entirely for a t-shirt. It will be titled Bad Boys for Life.

The news comes courtesy of the Twitter account for Exhibitor Relations. It confirms a new title, and yet another new release date for the film. Originally Bad Boys for Life, which is what we have to start calling it now, was set for a February 2017 release, before shifting to June. Now, it's being pushed back yet again to January of 2018. We keep being told that this movie is happening, but it keeps remaining just as far away as ever. Every six months, it gets pushed back six months.

On the one hand, Bad Boys for Life is far from the worst title we could think of. It's been over twenty years already since we saw the first film, by the time the third movie comes out, it will have been nearly 18 years since the sequel, that's a long time. We're guessing that's where the for Life part of the title comes in. The characters played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will be much older now, not the young cops that they once were, yet they will still be Bad Boys, because if they weren't, there wouldn't be much point in having a movie. We understand the title. We know where it comes from. It still sounds like it was come up with based on which title would look best as a Twitter hashtag. #BadBoys4Life

It's been almost exactly two years since Martin Lawrence first announced that a third Bad Boys was on the docket. In that time there's been a lot of talk, and not a great deal of movement. For the vast majority of that time, it wasn't even confirmed if Will Smith would be reprising his role as Mike Lowrey. The only thing missing now is Michael Bay in the director's chair. Although, all signs point to Joe Carnahan being the one handling the directing duties this time around. We'd still expect Bay to act as a producer because Bay produces all the movies. We're sure he can give Carnahan the necessary inspiration to out-Michael Bay the man himself.

Are you excited to see Bad Boys for Life, if and when it ever actually gets here? There's a fourth film reportedly planned as well, though the delay in this movie will surely impact that one as well. Also, shouldn't the FOURTH film in the franchise be called Bad Boys 4 Life? We remain confused.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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