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While Deadpool has been one of the top movies of 2016, all interest now is on the already planned Deadpool 2. Casting rumors have been flying like mad, and now Rob Liefeld, the man behind the merc, has finally spoken out. His primary focus is the rumor that Kyle Chandler may be the choice to play Cable in the new film. Liefeld says he doesn't know if Kyle Chandler will ever play the part, but he thinks the guy is a fantastic actor, and Deadpool 2 would be lucky to get him.

I don't know Kyle Chandler. I don't know him. I don't know if he's ever going to play Cable, but we would be so lucky to have an actor as talented as Kyle Chandler, who has been in Martin Scorsese movies... Kyle Chandler is one of the best actors in Hollywood. People trip over themselves to work with him. If, by chance that rumor was true and the production was lucky enough to get somebody as talented as him, I would just trust in the people that gave you Deadpool to figure that out for the best.

It seems that Rob Liefeld has been inundated with requests to comment on the casting rumor that broke over this past weekend. The artist says that he has no inside information regarding casting decisions, for the very simple reason that he doesn't ask, but that he doesn't understand the apparent backlash that has been directed at Kyle Chandler. In the end, he trusts the people who made the first Deadpool, like director Tim Miller, to do right by the sequel as well. He even suggested a hashtag to show support. #TrustInTim

Deadpool 2

Rob Liefeld's comments, which came as a guest on Nerdy Pop show, that while some may have concerns regarding the choice of Kyle Chandler, he does not. It seems that one of the major concerns that Liefeld has heard is that Chandler may not have the physical build to pull off Cable. Liefeld points out that prior to playing Star-Lord, Chris Pratt played an overweight guy in Parks and Recreation, but that working out is often part of the job of being a professional actor, and Chandler can do it just like everybody else. Check out his complete, blunt, comments below.

While it sounds like Kyle Chandler may very well be the first choice to play Cable for director Tim Miller, the word is the studio is looking for a bigger name in the role, namely Taken star Liam Neeson. Rob Liefeld, for his part, has previously hinted that he would love to see _Mad Men's _John Hamm in the role. We'll have to wait for an official announcement to know for sure.

Does Rob Liefeld's faith in Kyle Chandler change your impression in any way? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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