Watch Hugh Jackman Say Goodbye To His Wolverine Beard Forever

One of the longest running characters currently on film is about to come to an end. Hugh Jackman is hanging up his claws as Wolverine, and that means something else needs to go. In addition to saying goodbye to the claws and the costume, he's also saying goodbye to the facial hair. Goodbye Logan, it was nice knowing you.

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We've known for quite some time that the upcoming Wolverine 3 would be Hugh Jackman's last turn as the X-Men's claw-wielding mutant. While we've had time to come to terms with this idea. Watching Jackman shave his beard is a moment that we had no idea would cause us such problems. It appears that there's at least one person who will be happy with this development. Apparently, the actor's wife doesn't care for the beard.

It's hard to believe that we could already be at a point where filming on Wolverine 3 is anything close to being done, and yet, with a release date of March 17 and, one expects, a fair amount of post-production work to do, it's likely true. Unless there are scenes that Jackman needs to film without the beard, and with incredibly short hair, it would seem that this moment is the unofficial announcement that Hugh Jackman isdone playing Wolverine. Having played the part in every single X-Men movie, as well as a pair of previous Wolverine titles, Wolverine 3 will be his ninth, and final, appearance as Logan.

While nothing has been officially confirmed, the word on the street is that Wolverine 3 will be based, in tone if not in plot, on the classic Old Man Logan graphic novel. More than one rumor, including one started by Hugh Jackman himself, has set this up as a possibility. Beyond that, we don't know very much about the movie as a whole. Boyd Holbrook has been cast as the film's villain, though we don't know what character he'll be playing. Stephen Merchant is reportedly also on board in an undisclosed role. The only thing we really know for certain is that the movie is targeting an R-rating.

There's certainly some time left between now and March for Hugh Jackman to grow his beard back if he's needed for reshoots, though they would need to be scheduled well in advance to make sure that he's able to do so. While reshoots are not uncommon in films, they've become high profile in recent months as other major blockbusters have needed to do so. Wolverine's entire appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse was reportedly done as part of reshoots.

Are you ready to say goodbye to the longest service cinematic superhero? Let us know your thoughts on the end of a mutton-chopped era in the comments below.

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