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There's no getting around it: Captain America: Civil War won the superhero summer. The blockbuster season peaked early with the latest offering from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we loved every second of the badass comic book smack down. Between Team Iron Man and Team Cap, everyone took a side, but those sides weren't always set in stone. A piece of concept art from Civil War showing two members of The Avengers taking each other on has hit the web, and it's not a pair you would expect to see fighting. Check out the awesome picture below to see for yourself.

Doesn't that make you wish you could see Captain America: Civil War for the very first time all over again? Marvel concept artist Andy Park posted the above photo to his Twitter account, and we are so damn grateful that he did. The image in question showcases the now iconic airport sequence from Civil War, with one major twist: Captain America and Ant-Man are duking it out with one another. This points to an original version of the film in which Paul Rudd's Scott Lang actually fights alongside Team Iron Man, rather than Team Cap.

It's truly a fascinating picture because it means that Ant-Man's role in the events of Captain America: Civil War was entirely different in an earlier version of the movie. In the theatrical cut Ant-Man making the transition to Giant Man represents a key turning point in the airport battle, and it's what ultimately offers Cap and Bucky an opportunity to escape. Now it seems that the original version of the battle would have made Giant Man into Tony Stark's secret weapon -- offering a sort of "final boss" type fight for Steve Rogers. That's a fairly substantial change to the film's key sequence.

As much as we love this photo, we also have to admit that it's probably better that Ant-Man ended up on Cap's side during the events of Captain America: Civil War. Scott Lang's relationship with Hank Pym automatically gives him a distinct bias against anyone in the Stark family -- something he specifically addresses during the events of the movie -- and it's hard to imagine that Lang (a career criminal) would take the side of the establishment in this particular conflict. Ant-Man and Cap simply had more in common, so the filmmakers made the right call in the end. Then again, considering the amazing work done by The Russo Brothers thus far, perhaps they would have been able to completely sell us on Ant-Man as a member of Team Iron Man. At this point we have complete confidence in just about any decisions they make. Bring on Infinity War, please.

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