The Rings Trailer Looks Terrifying And New, Check It Out

Horror fans may be in for a treat this Halloween. There's a new entry in the Ring series to scare the hell out of you, and we're not sure how anybody is going to survive this one. The new entry in the series will take the mysterious video that kills you after seven days and put it online. Since we all know how easy it is to destroy something once it's on the internet, it has the potential to make the body count of Rings significantly higher than previous films. Check out the new trailer below. Unless you're scared, of course. We completely understand that.

The Ring was an American remake of the Japanese horror film Ringu which was released in 2002. In that film, the curse covered a videotape that would be passed around, or copied, leading to people being murdered mysteriously seven days after viewing it. Naomi Watts starred in both The Ring and it's 2005 sequel. The new film introduces actress Matilda Lutz into the story, who will play the film's protagonist Julia. Of course, it's Julia boyfriend who appears to be the catalyst for the film's action. He's the one who is interested in the urban legend of the video that kills you. He is a terrible, terrible, person.

The film isn't entirely without recognizable actors. Vincent D'Onofrio makes an appearance as the horror movie's wise sage character who, of course, understands much more about what is going on than anybody else. We would guess that he'll be the one to inform Julia of the events of the previous films,and possibly give her a way to save herself. Maybe he also knows how the video made the jump from VHS to mp4. Who would take the time to encode that? The plot synopsis also makes reference to a "movie within the movie" that nobody has ever seen before. This will likely be the aspect that allows Rings to go off in new directions so that we're not simply getting a thing installment of The Ring.

The most interesting, and possibly terrifying aspect of this film may already be its marketing. As you might guess, a movie about an online video is using social media to its advantage. You can send the new trailer to your friends via Twitter, in the same way, that you might share the actual video. We know it's fiction, but the entire concept is vaguely disturbing.

In addition to the trailer, the first poster has been released as well.


If you're a horror fan, and specifically a fan of The Ring, there's a fair chance that this new entry will give you all the scares you're looking for. As somebody who obviously spends a great deal of time online, I figure I'm already dead.

Dirk Libbey
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