Before-And-After Suicide Squad Photos Will Make You Think Nothing In The Movie Is Real

There's a reason why superhero movies have become so popular over the course of the last two decades. Technology has finally advanced to the point where filmmakers can accurately depict these characters and their adventures without compromise. Computer generated imagery (CGI) has progressed exponentially, and now filmmakers can craft sequences with almost photorealistic accuracy; few 2016 blockbusters exhibit that idea better than David Ayer's Suicide Squad. Some pre-CGI photos from the film's production have hit the web, and they will completely make you question reality. Check out the first one below.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad

These photos debuted on the Internet courtesy of VFX studio, the Moving Picture Company. As you can see from the above photo, David Ayer didn't actually push Margot Robbie out of a helicopter after Harley Quinn has her reunion with Mr. J. The entire sequence was shot over a green screen, with Robbie falling to safety on a well-crafted set.

You can see the finalized version of that scene below.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

However, the production of Suicide Squad used CGI for more than just standard buildings, backgrounds, and streets. In a film occupied by super powered villains, it only makes sense that the filmmakers use VFX to truly bring these insane abilities to life. No member of the titular squad had more visually stunning abilities than El Diablo (Jay Hernandez) and MPC really did some great work in the creation of his pyrokinesis.

Once again, check out the raw footage below to see the pre-VFX El Diablo.

Suicide Squad El Diablo

Fairly boring right? Now take a look at that awesome scene once the good folks at MPC got their hands on the footage. David Ayer clearly told them that he wanted flames, and they delivered more flames than he could've ever hoped for.

Suicide Squad El Diablo

It's abundantly clear that VFX works wonders for the construction of a character in a heavy, hard-hitting action sequence. However, CGI and VFX work also really help a filmmaker establish the exact nature of a location, even if we often don't realize it. As it turns out, far more CGI went into the creation of Amanda Waller's Belle Reve prison in Louisiana than we ever could have guessed.

Check out an unedited shot of the prison's surrounding swampland below.

Suicide Squad

It makes sense that David Ayer would opt to shoot a sequence like this on a lot. Who would want to set up an actual film set in the middle of a swamp? After all, there's a reason Amanda Waller chose such a remote location for Belle Reve; it's inhospitable. Those guys in the boat probably had no idea what the final version of this shot would even look like as they stood there.

By now you know the drill; check out the photo below to see the awesome shot that actually made it into the final cut of Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad Belle Reve

Needless to say, we're incredibly impressed with the quality of Suicide Squad's VFX work. We obviously knew that the movie featured a ton of CGI, but we never realized how seamlessly some of these shots were blended in with the practical effects. It shows how far technology has come in recent years, and it promises bigger and better things for future comic book movies. Suicide Squad is still in theaters; make sure to check it out while you still can.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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