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Who Hannibal Buress Is Playing In Spider-Man: Homecoming

Hannibal Buress

Jon Watt's upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming features an amazing ensemble of actors, but many of their roles remain a complete mystery to those outside of the production. One mystery that has just been solved, however, is the part that will be played by the amazing comedian Hannibal Buress -- who came aboard the film in late June. Buress has revealed that he will be playing a gym teacher at Midtown High School, and he's just a bit in the dark about the secret identity of the titular wall-crawler.

Hannibal Buress was recently a guest on The Breakfast Club radio show on Power 105. 1 FM, and it was while discussing his upcoming work ("small roles in big movies," as he puts it) that he revealed his role in the Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures blockbuster that will be coming out in Summer 2017. Casually revealing his Spider-Man: Homecoming part, Burress told the DJs,

In Spider-Man [: Homecoming] I play a gym teacher. I play one of the dumbass characters that don't realize he's Spider-Man, he's Peter Parker. 'Oh man, this guy's really athletic!'

Of course, Hannibal Buress' character won't be alone in not knowing that Peter Parker is actually Spider-Man. While the web-slinger in the comics has publically revealed his identity in the past, the truth is that the young hero keeping his face and name a tightly guarded secret is an important part of the character's mythos, and one what we expect will be an element of Tom Holland's version of the superhero that we will see in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Furthermore, there will surely be plenty of comedic opportunities that spring from Peter Parker trying to hide his double life, which is why it's perfect to have someone was funny as Buress in the supporting cast.

You can catch Hannibal Buress briefly talking about his part in Spider-Man: Homecoming in the interview below (skip to around 31:40 for his talk about the Marvel movie):

As mentioned earlier, Spider-Man: Homecoming has one of the best casts we've seen come together in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, with Hannibal Buress being just one exciting example. There is a talented core group of young stars surrounding Tom Holland, Zendaya, Angourie Rice, and Tony Revolori, but the ensemble of adult actors includes Robert Downey Jr., Marisa Tomei, Micahel Keaton, Bookeem Woodbine, Logan Marshall-Green, Kenneth Choi, Martin Starr, and Donald Glover.

Given that Spider-Man: Homecoming is easily one of our most anticipated blockbusters of 2017, you can be sure that you will be hearing a lot more about it from us in the coming months -- hopefully including more role reveals like this one. Stay tuned!

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