The Hilariously Sexual Reason Bad Moms' Billboards Got Banned In Russia

Bad Moms

One of the big selling points of the film Bad Moms was that it was an opportunity for the ladies to be as raunchy as the men. That meant lots of binge drinking, wild parties, and milk chugging. While those things are typically okay over here in America, some countries like to keep a lid on whatever they deem to be too wild. Different strokes for different blokes, as they say, and Russia would rather keep the stroking to a minimum while out in public. The country put a ban on billboards for Bad Moms due to the ad having a rather suggestive sexual slogan.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a Bad Moms ad campaign has been banned in Russia after St. Petersburg ad agencies found the slogan to have "alleged sexual implications." It's being reported that the billboards read "Do you want some Kunis?" with the agencies noting that Kunis - the last name of lead actress Mila Kunis - has similarities to the Russian word for "cunnilingus." In addition to that, a major Russian TV Station declined to run a commercial for Bad Moms in the day time due to "sexual content." The content in question was a shot of Kunis' character stroking a bare male torso, which seems tame in comparison to what else is in that film. While the film wasn't banned from Russian theaters, citizens would have a hard time knowing it existed.

Even though foreign markets are becoming increasingly more important to the box office each year, Bad Moms really didn't take a big hit from this. The film has so far grossed a domestic total of nearly $100 million off of a $20 million budget. The Jon Lucas and Scott Moore directed comedy has got a lot of good word of mouth going and could be in for a good Labor Day weekend. This news comes in a summer where a few bigger tentpole films have felt the foreign cold shoulder. China (where the big money is) banned Ghostbusters earlier this summer for promoting superstition. Even Suicide Squad was denied release in the country for excessive violence, despite its PG-13 rating.

Bad Moms' promotional material may have been too risque for Russian eyes, but if you think you can take it then check out a trailer for the R-Rated comedy below.

Bad Moms is still in theaters, so go check it this weekend if you think you're cool enough to see some torso stroking.

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