Why Deathstroke Is A Perfect Villain For The Batman Solo Movie

It finally happened. After months of eager anticipation, we finally received some details regarding Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie -- and we weren't disappointed. Not only did we learn that Deathstroke appears in the Caped Crusader's upcoming solo movie, but we now also know that he will headline the "villain heavy" affair. It's going to be a violent, bloody adventure, Bat Fans.

However, this news left some people scratching their heads, as Deathstroke's not necessarily the first name that comes up when one thinks of iconic Batman foes. That being said, we think that Slade Wilson is the perfect villain to take center stage in the first ever solo DCEU Batman movie. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of six reasons why he's the best choice for this film; check out our arguments and give us your take on the matter. Without further ado, let's get started with one of the most obvious reasons:

Batman Deathstroke

Batman And Deathstroke Have Never Fought In Live-Action

Variety is the spice of life; never let anyone tell you otherwise. When dealing with a character as well worn and well established as Batman, it becomes important for filmmakers to mix things up. The Dark Knight has faced off against almost all of his most iconic rogues on the silver screen at some point in his long cinematic history, and Deathstroke represents a welcome change of pace because he's never appeared in a live-action film. Audiences will have no expectations (besides what they know from Arrow and the comic book source material) and that allows the upcoming Batman solo movie to go off in incredibly new, interesting directions. We can only watch Batman fight Joker so many times before it becomes tiresome.

Deathstroke Arrow

Slade Wilson Is Grounded In Reality, But He Fits The DCEU

After facing off against Superman -- arguably the most powerful superhero in existence -- Batman cannot simply scale the action down to fight muggers and thugs. That being said, we also don't want to see a Batman film in which he takes on another omnipotent threat. Deathstroke strikes the perfect balance of grounded, gritty action, and heightened comic book reality. Super soldiers don't exist, but they're also not a hard sell for mainstream audiences; just ask fans of Captain America. There's a reason Arrow used Slade Wilson as the Season 2 big bad before delving into magic and mysticism: he offers a perfect bridge between realism and fantasy, which makes him an excellent addition to the DCEU.

Black Mask Deathstroke

Someone Obviously Hired Slade, Which Neatly Sets Up A Sequel

Slade Wilson doesn't deal in personal business; he's a soldier of fortune who sells his services to the highest bidder, and he will keep working as long as the money keeps flowing. Someone obviously will have hired Deathstroke to take on Batman in the upcoming film, and that mystery neatly sets up further conflict that Ben Affleck and his crew can cultivate in future movies. Of course, we've already started speculating. Is it Black Mask? Is it the Court of Owls? Is it someone entirely new? We don't know, but Deathstroke makes a perfect introductory villain that can plant the seeds for further conflict in future movies. After all, superhero franchises are all about long-term plans these days.

Deathstroke Robin

Deathstroke's Involvement Can Pave The Way For A New Robin

Looking ahead to the future of the DCEU, the introduction of Deathstroke can also pave the way for a brand new Robin. We already know that Batman lost one Boy Wonder at some point during the course of his career as a crime fighter, and given Deathstroke's longstanding rivalry with the Teen Titans, we could possibly see Bruce Wayne adopt a new ward in the form of Tim Drake, or even Damien Wayne, thus laying the groundwork for an eventual Teen Titans movie. Slade Wilson and Robin have fought numerous times over the years, and such a rivalry in the upcoming Batman movie could help continue to expand the DCEU in fascinating ways.

Deathstroke Batman

Deathstroke And Batman Have Similar Skills And Abilities

Deathstroke and Batman make for a great conflict because they complement each other's skills so perfectly. They're both master martial artists, they both wield vast arsenals of weapons, and they've both dedicated their lives to their respective missions. In another life, it's possible that these two men could have immense respect for each other, but fate sent them down two different roads. If properly executed, Ben Affleck's Batman movie could expertly show how two incredibly similar men find themselves at odds with one another. And, of course, this also opens up the potential for some truly great fight scenes and stealth vs. stealth sequences. Remember: this is a superhero movie.

Batman Ben Affleck Deathstroke

But Deathstroke's Willingness To Kill Highlights Batman's Newfound Morality

That being said, using Deathstroke as the primary villain of the upcoming Batman movie also allows Ben Affleck to highlight the ways in which the Caped Crusader has changed since Batman V Superman. Many fans took issue with The Dark Knight's lethal tendencies in his debut DCEU adventure, so pitting him against a hired killer could offer DC a chance to correct course and showcase how Batman has re-learned compassion from Superman's sacrifice. Not only does this conflict allow a perfectly logical reason for Batman to reintroduce his "one rule," but it's also incredibly thematically rich. Introducing Deathstroke could bring us the most intellectually and morally stimulating Batman movie since the Nolan era.

That's just our take; let us know what you think in the comment section below to keep this conversation going!

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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