Ben Affleck Just Teased A Major DC Character Appearance, See The Video Now

Mondays, right? Some days, you need that jolt of caffeine to get you moving. Other Mondays, Ben Affleck does you a solid by dropping a tease for Deathstoke on social media, setting the Internet on fire and starting a speculation thread that's sure to run as long as the Great Wall of China. This just landed on Ben Affleck's Twitter feed. Let's discuss what it means after:

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That's Deathstroke, a DC Comics assassin who first appeared in the New Teen Titans back in 1980. Dubbed The Terminator, Deathstroke (aka Slade Wilson) takes on contracts to kill people, and often finds himself at odds with the Teen Titans, Batman, Cyborg and more. A former member of the United States Army, Wilson has been linked over the years with villainous groups including the Injustice League, the Secret Society of Super Villains, the League of Assassins and H.I.V.E.

Deathstroke in the DC Universe

This has to be a tease for Zack Snyder's Justice League, right? The timing of the Tweet puts Ben Affleck on the set of Snyder's pending blockbuster, though I can tell you that I was on the set of Justice League a few months back, and there was no hint or indication that they'd be bringing Deathstroke into this universe just yet. As a skilled marksman and trained assassin, he has a lot of similarities to Will Smith's Deadshot, and since they both were members of the Suicide Squad, this could have been a post-credits tease on Squad. That might have been a better fit?

That being said, Affleck could ALSO be video testing for the solo Batman movie that we know that he is working on. The reason THAT doesn't make much sense is because that movie's still too far away, seeing as how it doesn't really have a concrete release date. Because Ben Affleck didn't put ANY information with this tweet, we have to speculate. But if I had to be my home on it, I'd say this means we are going to meet Deathstroke in the Justice League movie.

Ironically, Deathstroke was rumored -- for the longest time -- to be in Suicide Squad. In fact, for months, it was believed that Magic Mike co-star Joe Manganiello was supposed to play Slade Wilson in the villain ensemble movie. Is his Manganiello in the Deathstroke suit? Is this something that was supposed to happen in Squad, but got held for a later movie? From the looks of the video, Deathstroke is standing in front of the Batmobile. Is he in the Batcave? Has Batman been compromised?

We have to wait until November 2017 to get real answers, though we have reached out to the studio for concrete details, and will report back what we know. For now, what do you think of this surprise announcement?!

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