Amy Adams' Sexy Nocturnal Animals Trailer Is Dark And Dangerous, Watch It Now

"You know me. I never sleep. My ex-husband used to call me a nocturnal animal." Those ominous words set the tone for Tom Ford's mysterious and chilling Nocturnal Animals, a sexy new thriller from the director behind A Single Man that's due in theaters later this year. The first teaser trailer for the stylish noir just dropped, and it packs a slew of memorably beautiful, and dangerous, shots. Check it out below:

The title of the movie also ends up being the title of a book written by the ex-husband (Jake Gyllenhaal) of art gallery owner Susan Morrow (Amy Adams). When it arrives on her doorstep, Susan takes the novel's story of murder and revenge personally, believing it to be a threat levied against her by her former flame. She admits that she hurt him in the past. And she's contemplating striking back at him again, which may involve the sinister efforts of the always welcome Michael Shannon, or the wild-card unpredictability of Aaron Taylor Johnson.

So yeah, as you can tell, Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals boasts an outstanding cast, and this teaser trailer shows that the director behind A Single Man knows how to photography beautiful, animate objects in a slick and sleazy light. There's malice at play beneath the lines of Nocturnal Animals, and we're willing to bet that the key players in this film are going to end up either dead or behind bars -- guilty of a crime, or not.

Focus Features, which just released this trailer, has been taking Nocturnal Animals on the fall film festival circuit, with stops in Toronto and at the Venice Film Festival, where it took home the Grand Jury Prize. That's a high honor, and likely bolstered the Oscar hopes of Ford's campaign. Critics in Toronto and Venice were equally impressed with Nocturnal Animals, stating:

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Tom Ford made his name as an American fashion designer before shifting gears to film, and he's often praised for his visual eye over his narrative prowess. The reviews on Nocturnal Animals has us believing he could find his way into the Oscar race this year -- the win in Venice was a solid boost.

Focus Features will have this stylish thriller in theaters on November 18. What do you think of that first trailer? Intrigued?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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