Jared Leto Didn't Only Give Crazy Gifts To His Suicide Squad Co-Stars

Suicide Squad

Admit it, you thought we were done hearing about all the crazy shit that Jared Leto did while playing the Joker in Suicide Squad. Yeah, not so much. It turns out that everybody who worked with him while he was in character got strange gifts, and that includes Skrillex, who had Leto play The Joker for his "Purple Lamborghini" music video. The Joker sent Skrillex a thank you box that included a dildo and other assorted "weird shit."

As part of te soundtrack for Suicide Squad, Skrillex produced the song "Purple Lamborghini" which he created alongside Rick Ross. The musician tells Complex that the original plan for the music video was simply to film him and to intercut scenes from the movie. Skrillex wasn't interested in doing a video like that, as was done with the Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne led "Sucker for Pain," and, as he actually was a friend of Jared Leto, he called up the actor to ask him if he would join him for the video. Leto did, and then apparently gave Skrillex the biggest dildo the man had ever seen as a gift. We don't know what else was included in the "weird shit" in the box. Based on other gifts he gave people, it could be literally anything.

Jared Leto's dedication to his character during the filming of Suicide Squad is now the stuff of legend. He gave all of his co-stars on the set gifts as well, gifts that ranged from dead pigs to live rats. A number of the actors on set said that they never spoke to him. Will Smith went as far as to say that he hadn't yet met Jared Leto because the guy he had been working with was only ever The Joker.

The video for "Purple Lamborghini" is as strange as anything Jared Leto did in Suicide Squad. While the character of The Joker didn't work for everybody, it was certainly a unique take on the roll. That same unique performance can be seen in the fairly strange video.

There's little argument that Jared Leto is a one in a million individual. Whether you loved his performance as The Joker or not, he certainly committed to it, and that says a lot. As big as the comic book movie has become, nobody has really dedicated themselves to a part the way that Leto did. What did you think of the ultimate result? Let us know in the comments.

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